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Dying Embrace - Era Of Tribulation (2013)
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India / Location: Bangalore, Karnataka


Death/Doom Metal


Initially formed as MISANTHROPE in 1991,Indian Doom/Death metal band DYING EMBRACE,then comprising of vocalist Deepak Prasad,guitarist Jimmy Palkhivala & Daniel Marc David on drums,released a demo tape in early ’93.The self titled recording found it’s way around the almost non-existant Indian extreme metal underground which resulted in the band garnering a modest measure of local interest.Shortly after,vocalist Deepak Prasad opted out of the band for health reasons leaving guitarist Jimmy Palkhivala to briefly take on vocal duties,this arrangement was short-lived however with the inclusion of vocalist Vikram Bhat as the new frontman.At this point,a changed monicker,one suitable for the slightly different direction the band was heading in,was chosen:DYING EMBRACE!heavily influenced by early material by Black Sabbath,Autopsy,Candlemass,Trouble,Paradise Lost among others, Dying Embrace crafted their own unique original dark,foreboding sound.

In 1997 the band entered the studio with new bassist Jai”Sarge’” Kumar to record a 6 song mini-album & a 3 song EP which was released independently as:“SERENADES OF DEPRAVITY” along with the “GROTESQUE EP” on Friday 13th(!) Feb ‘98 on limited cassette tape version & subsequently also in 2000 along with all new artwork on very limited DIY CD-r format.The sound on this mini-album plus Ep can be described as raw,doom-laden death metal. Initially circulated in the Indian underground,“SERENADES…” soon found it’s way into the underground scene abroad as well,this overseas interest culminating in a vinyl deal with French extreme metal label “Legion Of Death(L.O.D) Records”.A gatefold 7” EP titled “Misanthrope” was put out on 25th of january, 2002 containing two new tracks,specially recorded for L.O.D,sadly this was the last studio effort by the band,2002 was a difficult year for the band as well,both Daniel Marc David(Drums) and Jai(Bass) had to move out of hometown Bangalore for professional reasons and Dying Embrace was left with founding member Jimmy and vocalist Vikram, instead of finding new members to continue the band they decided to leave the band in a state of suspended animation.Jimmy & Vikram went on to create more sickening music but thats another gruesome story alltogether.

The Present:

2011,20 years having passed of the bands initial formation and almost 10 years since disbanding abruptly,The Undergrind Fest which is an annual event in the bands hometown of Bangalore played a major catalyst in bringing the maestro and the maverick together again!With the inclusion of drummer extraordinaire Deepak Raghu it was decided to resurrect the band once again!Being offered an opportunity to co-headline with Gorified & Putrid Pile it was an honour and personally a very humbling experience to see around 200 fans turn up to support the reunion gig both old and new,those who were at the gigs all those years ago were back again and the new young blood!It was a fantastic feeling sharing the stage with the bands who opened the fest before and after us!The massive support from the organisers and the crew,the fantastic venue and sound,we couldnt have asked for more! to everyone we would like to say…thank you! Its time…you’re doomed again!

[color=#FF0000]Line Up:[/color]

Jimmy Palkhivala     Guitars (1996-present) - See also: ex-Conflicting Theories, ex-Gruesome Malady, ex-Misanthrope
Vikram Bhat     Vocals (1996-present) - See also: ex-Conflicting Theories, ex-Gruesome Malady
Deepak Raghu     Drums (2011-present) - See also: Bevar Sea, Millennium, Shepherd
Pritham 'MetalFarmer' D'Souza     Bass (2012-present)


Dying Embrace    Demo    1998      
Serenades of Depravity    EP    2000      
Grotesque    EP    2000
Misanthrope    EP    2002      
Carrying the Burden of Doom    DVD    2012      
Era of Tribulation    Compilation    2012

[color=#FF00FF] [b] Dying Embrace - Era Of Tribulation (2013)  [/b] [/color]




[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2013
[b]Style[/b] : Death/Doom Metal
[b]Country[/b] : India
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + all scans
[b]Size[/b] : 142 mb[/color]


1.     Blood Rites    02:46    
2.     Cromlech of Hate    03:54    
3.     The Passing Away    04:03    
4.     Grotesque Entity    05:02    
5.     Oremus Diabolum    05:39    
6.     As Eternity Fades    03:23    
7.     Spawn of the Depths    03:07    
8.     Dagda - His Time Has Come    02:47    
9.     D.T's    02:59      instrumental
10.     Degeneration    03:10    
11.     Elegy for the Damned    01:19      instrumental
12.     The Passing Away    04:07    
13.     Grotesque Entity    05:04    
14.     Oremus Diabolum    05:29    

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Remember! if You like the release, buy the original CD. Support the artists![/align]

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