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Stormlord [1999 - 2008]
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[color=yellow]Stormlord is an epic black metal (self-classified as "Extreme epic metal") band from Rome, Italy. They have released four full-length albums, which are: Supreme Art Of War (1999), At The Gates Of Utopia (2001), The Gorgon Cult (2004), and Mare Nostrum (2008). Their prominent use of keyboards compared to many other black metal bands gives their sound an epic feel, much like power metal.

Most of their songs have an epic theme, recurring to stories and characters from Greek Mythology (Zeus, Hades, Persephone, Prometheus, Medusa, Titans), and battles. Their vocalist, Cristiano can sing in two voices: the first one high pitched, which is relative to black metal and the second is more guttural and monstrous, which is relative to death metal and often used for choruses.[/color]

[color=gold]The band gained attention in late 2004 after the release of the "Under The Boards" music video, which featured large amounts of blood and gore. The clip was banned from most TV channels but gained popularity due to internet downloads.[/color]

[color=#00FF00]Genre:[/color] Black/Power Metal
[color=#00FF00]Lyrical theme:[/color] Mythology, supernatural, war, epic themes
[color=#00FF00]Origin & Formed:[/color] Italy (Rome, Lazio)  /// 1991

[color=red][b]Current line-up [/b][/color]
Cristiano Borchi - Vocals (Guest vocals in: Outbreak (Ita))
Pierangelo Giglioni - Guitar
Francesco Bucci - Bass (Leprechaun (Ita), Outbreak (Ita))
David Folchitto - Drums (Tular, Outbreak (Ita), ex-Birkenau (Ita), ex-Concept (Ita), A.T.T., ex-Satanik Terrorists, Kaledon)
``Joe`` Giampaolo Caprino - Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (Perfidy Biblical, Run With Wolves, The Legend of the Sleeping River)
Maurizzio Pariotti - Keyboards

[color=red][b]Former/past member(s) [/b][/color]
Claudio Di Carlo (Guitar) 1991-1994
Riccardo Montanari (Drums) 1991-1994
Andrea Cacciotti (Guitar) 1993-1995
Dario Maurizi (Guitar) 1995
Gabriele Valerio (Drums) 1995 (now in Theatres Des Vampires and Astarte Syriaca)
Fabrizio Cariani (Keyboards) 1995-1999
Marcello Baragona (Drums) 1995-1999
Dux Tenebrarum (Guitar) 1997
Raffaella Grifoni (Female Vocals) 1997
Simone Scazzocchio - Keyboards
Luca Bellanova - Keyboards

[url=]Stormlord - Supreme Art Of War (1999)[/url]

[url=]Stormlord - The Curse Of Medusa [Ep] (2001)[/url]

[url=]Stormlord - At The Gates Of Utopia (2001)[/url]

[url=]Stormlord - The Gorgon Cult (2004)[/url]

[url=]Stormlord - Mare Nostrum (2008)[/url]

[code]Voy a quebrar las Reglas ya que esto iría en clips… pero recomiendo este videaso de estos tanos::: un clásico de la banda, tanto video como música 11 puntos!!! Ahi se los dejo para los amantes del buen metal y los LIVING DEATH!!![/code]

[color=red][b][align=center][size=14]Stormlord - I Am Legend[/size][/align][/b][/color]


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Mensaje Re: Stormlord [1999 - 2008] 
ahora que ya descargue el ultimo disco y lo escuche bien
comenzare con los otros


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Mensaje Re: Stormlord [1999 - 2008] 
[color=yellow][b]Son mas directos mas violentos…..!   Este último esta bueno (prefiero los viejos toda la LIFE!) [/b][/color]  

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