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Primordial - Discography
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[align=center][size=10]Nemtheanga, Simon O'Laoghaire, Ciáran MacUiliam, Michael O'Floinn, and Pól MacAmlaigh.[/size][/align]

Primordial is a black metal band formed in 1991 in Skerries, Ireland, by Pól MacAmlaigh (bass)

and Ciáran MacUiliam (guitars). The band's roots stretch back to 1987 when Pól and Ciarán first

began playing together with Pól's brother, Derek. The band (who were called Forsaken for a brief

period) initially played a rough, hybrid mix of early, primitive Thrash and Death Metal (playing

covers of Death, Sepultura and the like). Vocalist Nemtheanga joined the band after seeing an ad

for a singer in Dublin specialist Metal store The Sound Cellar in 1991. Upon Nemtheanga's

joining the band, the band started to pursue a darker direction citing influence from Bathory,

Celtic Frost and the emerging Greek and Norwegian Black Metal scenes.

Primordial was the first Black Metal styled band to emerge from Ireland with the release of their

'Dark Romanticism' demo in the early summer of 1993. From then until now Primordial has undeniably

evolved over time. Beginning with black metal, more folk elements were slowly but surely incorporated.

Primordial lies on a whole other plateau. No keyboards/folk instruments are used. No overly catchy

melodies or boisterous drinking anthems. Primordial is catchy without being cheesy, epic without

being overdone, and well written without being technical.

So what is Primordial? Think not of trolls, forests, or beer. Imagine epic battles and tales, told

not with the jocularity of a drinking song, but the grimness and knowing of an old and lost fable,

a tragedy from the past.

[color=#bf0000][b]Genre:[/b][/color] Celtic/Folk/Black Metal

[color=#bf0000][b]Lyrical theme(s):[/b][/color] Paganism, History, Celtic Mythology

[color=#bf0000][b]Country:[/b][/color] [img][/img] Ireland (Dublin)

[color=#bf0000][b]Current line-up:[/b][/color]

[b]Naihmass Nemtheanga[/b] (Alan Averill) - Vocals

[b]Ciáran MacUiliam[/b] - Guitar

[b]Michael O'Floinn[/b] - Guitar

[b]Pól MacAmlaigh[/b] - Bass

[b]Simon O'Laoghaire[/b] - Drums

[color=#bf0000]Former/past member(s)[/color]

[b]Derek MacAmlaigh[/b] - Drums

[b]Feargal Flannery[/b] - Guitar



[b]Full-length[/b], Cacophonous Records


[b]Info:[/b] [Mp3//320 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] 58:51 min

[b]Size:[/b] 144 Mb


Reissued in 2001 by Hammerheart with new cover art and in 2005 by Karmageddon

and Candlelight USA with two bonus tracks:

11. The Calling (4:56)

12. Among the Lazarae (7:51)

Primordial began with this album Imrama, which although not the most refined is a very distinctive

interesting release. Imrama begins with strange Volkish acoustic guitars, which then move into

weird experimental black metal unified by lyrics in Gaelic. This is in many ways an intro to the

rest of the album, not exactly featuring anything one would call catchy for most listeners, it does

however set up a general mood. Primordial are in essence very far away and yet similar on here to

similar Irish bands like Cruachan and Waylander. Primordial also obviously had similar influences

as the British bands of the same time like Ananthema and My Dying Bride, yet bringing in their Irish

heritage they moved into another field entirely...Indeed you'll find much variation on here.

This release won't be too good of a place to start for new Primordial fan, but to those in the know

this is a powerful release unleashing for the first time this bands dark artistic ability and range.


1 - Fuil Ársa (4:47)

2 - Infernal Summer (6:12)

3 - Here I Am King (4:27)

4 - The Darkest Flame (5:19)

5 - The Fires... (5:25)

6 - Mealltach (1:28)

7 - Let the Sun Set on Life Forever (4:27)

8 - To the Ends of the Earth (5:31)

9 - Beneath a Bronze Sky (3:28)

10 - Awaiting the Dawn... (5:00)

11 - The Calling (4:56)

12 - Among the Lazarae (7:51)

[hide] [/hide]


[align=center][color=yellow][b]A Journey's End[/b][/color][/align]


[b]Full-length[/b], Misanthropy Records


[b]Info:[/b] [Mp3//320 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] 47:28 min

[b]Size:[/b] 117 Mb


A. Nemtheanga Averill : Vocals

C. Mac Uilmm : Guitars, mandolin, whistle

P. Mac Gawlaigh : Bass, bodhran

S. O'Laoghaire : Drums, percussion, bodhran

Later remastered & reissued on Hammerheart Records with the cover artwork the

band had originally intended to use, and a bonus track entitled "And the Sun

Set on Life Forever".

Journey’s End is, to date, their darkest piece. The album is very unique in its profoundly melancholic

atmosphere. Sadness leaks from every song but is balanced with such pride and strength that the album

isn’t depressing; it only leaves the listener with the desire to stand up and fight on, until the end.

In overall, Journey’s End is a great release, lacking very few elements to make it perfect.

Musically, the album is very heartfelt, and the atmosphere is perfectly displayed in every song

through the mix of acoustic and electric guitars and tribal, sometimes enraged, but always very

“folk”, drums. You won’t find solos or tremolos or any kind of guitar or any other instrument

“heroism” in Journey’s End. That’s not what the band is about, their approach of metal is very

progressive, very dark and their goal is to create an atmosphere with the combination of all

musicians, as one would assemble all the pieces to a puzzle. In the end, this album is to be listened

at least a couple of times as a whole before one could take the liberty to pin-point his favorite

songs. This is one of Primordial’s best released, and is for everyone who enjoys either black,

progressive or even folk metal. A crowning achievement in its whole.

This album would be a great place for any listener to start hearing Primoridal, and begins the deep

importance of Primordial upon the metal world.


1 - Graven Idol (8:06)

2 - Dark Song (5:06)

3 - Autumn's Ablaze (8:17)

4 - Journey's End (8:01)

5 - Solitary Mourner (2:56)

6 - Bitter Harvest (10:34)

7 - An Aistear Deirneach (4:28)

[hide] [/hide]

[align=center][color=yellow][b]The Burning Season[/b][/color][/align]


[b]EP[/b]Hammerheart Records


[b]Info:[/b] [Mp3//320 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] 30:57 min

[b]Size:[/b] 75.7 Mb     


A. A. Nemtheanga - All vocals

C. McUlliam - All guitars

P. Mac Amlaidh - Bass guitar

S. O. Laoghaire - Drums & percussion

The Burning Season was commited to tape one rainy week in Dublin, the end of

February in Sun Studios

Engineered by Mags

Produced by Mags & Primordial

Assistand engineer: Dennis Buckley

Cover concept & logo by A. A. Nemtheanga

Executed by Stephen O'Malley


1 - The Calling (4:57)

2 - Among the Lazarae (7:54)

3 - The Burning Season (8:47)

4 - ...and the Sun Set on Life Forever (9:19)

[hide] [/hide]

[align=center][color=yellow][b]Spirit The Earth Aflame[/b][/color][/align]


[b]Full-length[/b], Hammerheart Records


[b]Info:[/b] [Mp3//320 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] 51:20 min

[b]Size:[/b] 125 Mb

There is also a limited digipak-version of the album with different cover and a

re-recording of "To Enter Pagan" (5:43) as a bonus track.

There is also a jewel case version from Hamerheart/US with

8. To Enter Pagan (5:42)

9. The Calling (4:57)

10. Among the Lazarae (7:54)

11. And the Sun Set on Life Forever (9:19)

In few words the album is a masterpiece. It's the kind of album that crops up once every so often

and would define a genre, only that this band's status still goes so unrecognised. This is not a

bona fide doom album but is so melancholic in parts as to produce something far more potent. Many

bands claim to perform a brand of celtic pagan metal or irish metal and employ traditional

instrumentation to emphasize this point but despite the fact that Primordial rarely employ such

instruments, using a bodhrán only once on this album, they produce something far more in this vein.

The emotive melodies of 'Gods to the Godless' and the reworking of a Sean O' Riada tune in the

form of 'The Cruel Sea' immediately hook the listener and are complemented by the band's willingness

to play with atmosphere and the combined anthemic qualities of these songs.

This album is probably the most melodic and most easily accessible of the band's discography, but

don't let this discourage you from a purchase. This is extreme music, just in a different way from

perhaps what this usually refers to in metal. Primordial create music with true importance to our

age, music that speaks to any who are of the ancient spirit, who despise this modern world which

destroys and consumes.


1 - Spirit the Earth Aflame (2:25)

2 - Gods to the Godless (7:49)

3 - The Soul Must Sleep (6:39)

4 - The Burning Season (8:44)

5 - Glorious Dawn (7:24)

6 - The Cruel Sea (4:05)

7 - Children of the Harvest (8:31)

8 - To Enter Pagan (5:43)

[hide] [/hide]

[align=center][color=yellow][b]Storm Before Calm[/b][/color][/align]


[b]Full-length[/b], Hammerheart Records


[b]Info:[/b] [Mp3//320 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] 55:01 min

[b]Size:[/b] 130 Mb     

Recorded at Academy Studios in January 2002.

Recorded and Engineered by Mags.

Mixed by Mags, Nemtheanga and MacAmlaigh.

Produced by Mags and Primordial.

Later pressing on Karmageddon Media contains bonus track:

8.The Burning Season (8:45)

In "Storm Before Calm" the band took a less direct and less emotional route this time, instead

focusing on songs based around strength and honour and Irish pride, also returning a bit to the

type of songwriting on their first two albums, meaning there's quite a bit more of abstract riffing

and more difficult to get into atmospheres. However, this is still Primordial, and this still has

the same power as anything they've done.

Basically one could call this album part progression and part regression, taking ideas from older

albums and making them new again by presenting them in a newer light. There is a fire that

illuminates this work that seperates it from much of their music. There is little tragedy and more

a sense of hatred and malevolence, once the spirit of the music becomes aparent one can grasp it on

its own terms. Maybe all of this simply highlights how a band made up of artists can change and

move as the winds flow over them. So, for most listeners this album might take the most time to get

into, even if you're a big Primordial fan...    


1 - The Heretics Age (6:17)

2 - Fallen to Ruin (9:29)

3 - Cast to the Pyre (7:06)

4 - What Sleeps Within (4:57)

5 - Suns First Rays (3:12)

6 - Sons of The Morrigan (8:09)

7 - Hosting of the Sidhe (7:06)

8 - The Burning Season (8:45)

[hide] [/hide]

[align=center][color=yellow][b]The Gathering Wilderness[/b][/color][/align]


[b]Full-length[/b], Metal Blade Records

February 7th, 2005

[b]Info:[/b] [Mp3//320 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] 59:33 min

[b]Size:[/b] 139 Mb


First Edition has been released as Double Disc DigiPak with Bonus DVD.

DLP limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.

"The Gathering Wilderness" is Primordial's gift to humanity. This album is a sum of all that make

metal music what it is: passionate, dark, authentic, heartfelt, raw, aggressive, epic, lyrical,

mournful, sincere, in one a divine mix of epic Bathory, Burzum with Primordial

earlier attempts.

Only an Irish band could make an album as passionate yet volatile as 'The Gathering Wilderness',

there is no fantasy swords and sorcery here, no gloves of metal, no juvenile devil worshipping or

teeny angst! What we have here is the real thing, an honest, chilling and emotionally draining,

disturbing listen as you could hope to find, yet still it is laiden with Primordial's trademark

pride and unbreakable spirit. This is a pure, chaste no frills metal album drenched in huge

crashing riffs like grey icy waves crashing on the rocks of some desolate shoreline, a dark,

deppressive mixture of epic windswept metal, black metal and doom metal with strong traditional

Irish influences but make no mistake we are talking stark desperate parts played on traditional

Irish whistles and string instruments.

This album is filled to the brim with emotion and fiery, aggressive passion, perfect in every way...

Flawless music presented in the most energetic, thorough, and genuine way never seen before.


1 - The Golden Spiral (8:03)

2 - The Gathering Wilderness (9:13)

3 - The Song of the Tomb (7:57)

4 - End of All Times (Martyrs Fire) (7:43)

5 - The Coffin Ships (9:58)

6 - Tragedy's Birth (8:32)

7 - Cities Carved in Stone (8:07)

And was also posted by [b][color=#228844]dresito[/color][/b]    : [url] [/url]

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[align=center][color=yellow][b]To The Nameless Dead[/b][/color][/align]


[b]Full-length[/b], Metal Blade Records

November 16th, 2007

[b]Info:[/b] [Mp3//320 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] CD1: 54:42 min, CD2: 44:04 min, Total playing time  1:38:46 hours

[b]Size:[/b] CD1: 147 Mb, CD2: 100 Mb, Total Size 247 Mb

Metal Blade Germany released a limited edition of the album that is available as

a digibook, featuring a different cover design, a 40 page booklet, and a bonus

CD of Primordial's performance at the 2006 Rock Hard Festival:

01. The Golden Spiral (07:27)

02. The Gathering Wilderness (07:24)

03. Sons Of The Morrigan (06:55)

04. The Coffin Ships (08:30)

05. Song Of The Tomb (06:33)

06. Gods To The Godless (07:15)

The vinyl version is a double LP by Metal Blade and contains the following

bonus tracks, recorded at Rock Hard Open Air 2006:

9) Sons of The Morrigan

10) Gods to the Godless

Rereleased by Metal Blade 2008 on Picture LP (lim. 500).

Every aspect of To the Nameless Dead equals that of perfection. Each track is structured similarly,

with black metal styled riffs on epic levels. The riffs of guitarists Ciáran MacUiliam and Michael

O'Floinn are mainly made up of a constant barrage of black metal style riffs, although acoustic

and clean riffs come along occasionally to keep things moving. The levels of said epic-ness never

wane, and never become stale or overdone. The melodies are full of emotion which complements

Averill's vocals and matches perfectly. The bass is used when necessary for occasional fills and

such, and completes this job wonderfully.

On drums, Simon O'Laoghaire brings something new to the table. Not simply relying on the double

bass/speed drumming standard of black metal, he uses all of his drums. Fills are common, tempo

changes are wonderfully and smoothly made, and his rhythm work shows both technical skill and


To the Nameless Dead is a raw yet emotional work of art. An album that so seamlessly combines the

elements of two sub-genres, that so vividly conjures images of epic, medieval battles and burning

cities. To the Nameless Dead never deviates, never falters. This is the true essence of aural art.

This is beauty.

[b]DISC ONE[/b]


1 - Empire Falls (8:02)

2 - Gallow's Hymn (5:55)

3 - As Rome Burns (9:15)

4 - Failures Burden (6:37)

5 - Heathen Tribes (8:18)

6 - The Rising Tide (1:33)

7 - Traitor's Gate (6:49)

8 - No Nation On This Earth (8:13)

[b]DISC TWO[/b]


1 - The Golden Spiral (7:27)

2 - The Gathering Wilderness (7:24)

3 - Sons Of The Morrigan (6:55)

4 - The Coffin Ships (8:30)

5 - Song Of The Tomb (6:33)

6 - Gods To The Godless (7:15)

[hide] [/hide]

[align=center][b]...demos and some more...[/b][/align]


[color=yellow][b]Dark Romanticism... Sorrow's Bitter Harvest...[/b][/color]


[spoiler][b]Demo[/b], Self released


[b]Info:[/b] [Mp3//128 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] 22:12 min

[b]Size:[/b] 20.4 Mb

Re-released in 2004 by Karmageddon Media on double CD as a compilation with some

other tracks and live DVD on second disc.

Re-released in 2008 as Picture LP by No Sign Of Life.Limited to 500 copies,

first 100 copies with a shirt.    


1 - To Enter Pagan (5:49)

2 - The Darkest Flame (4:33)

3 - Among the Lazarai (5:49)

4 - To the Ends of the Earth (6:01)


[hide] [/hide]



[spoiler][b]Demo[/b], Independent


[b]Info:[/b] [Mp3//160 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] 14:19 min

[b]Size:[/b] 16.4 Mb


1 - Let the Sun Set on Life Forever (4:11)

2 - The Fires (5:34)

3 - Here I'm King (4:34)


[hide] [/hide]



[spoiler][b]Split[/b], Misanthropy Records

January 1997

[b]Info:[/b] [Mp3//192 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] 15:56 min

[b]Size:[/b] 22 Mb


1 - To Enter Pagan (Primordial) (5:35)

2 - Scarlet Heavens (Katatonia (Swe)) (10:21)


[hide] [/hide]

[color=yellow][b]Dark Romanticism[/b][/color]


[spoiler][b]Best of/Compilation[/b], Karmageddon Media

June 21st, 2004

This album contains two CDs. CD 1 is the demo "Dark Romanticism", a couple of

unreleased tracks and two covers.

CD 2 is a DVD with a 40 minute live-performance from the 2003 PartySan festival


[b]Info:[/b] [Mp3//320 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] 41:09 min

[b]Size:[/b] 98.3 Mb


1 - To Enter Pagan (5:49)

2 - The Darkest Flame (4:36)

3 - Among the Lazarae (5:52)

4 - To the Ends of the Earth (6:04)

5 - In Graciousness (live) (3:46)

6 - A Blacker Art (live) (4:59)

7 - Total Destruction (Bathory cover, live) (3:36)

8 - To Walk the Infernal Fields (Darkthrone cover, live) (6:27)

[b]2003 PartySan Metal Open Air[/b]

August 9th, 2003


[b]Video:[/b] 720x544 (1.32:1), 29.970 fps, DivX Codec 5.x or 6.x ~2018 kbps avg, 0.17 bit/pixel

[b]Format:[/b] AVI

[b]Audio:[/b] 48 kHz, AC3 Dolby Digital, 2/0 (L,R) ch, ~256.00 kbps avg

[b]Duration:[/b] 42:54 min

[b]File Size:[/b] 737 Mb (7 x 95.7Mb + 1 x 67 Mb)

[b]Tracks on the DVD:[/b]

1 - Fallen to Ruins

2 - Gods to the Godless

3 - Cast to the Pyre

4 - The Burning Season

5 - Sons of The Morrigan

6 - To Enter Pagan


Already posted in: [url] [/url]


[hide] [/hide]

[color=yellow][b]Primordial/Mael Mórdha[/b][/color]


[spoiler][b]Split[/b], Sentinel Records

October 2005

[b]Info:[/b] [Mp3//192 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] 11:23 min

[b]Size:[/b] 15.7 Mb


1 - Soul Must Sleep (Primordial) (5:26)

2 - Cluain Tarbh (Mael Mórdha) (5:57)


[hide] [/hide]

[color=yellow][b]Enjoy it![/b][/color]

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