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1 Audio
1 - a) In the case of music is mandatory use of a picture album, Tracklist or list of topics, format, size, quality or Bitrate, the Uploader and the download link that will be placed between [hide]

Form post
Banda - Album - Year - Place

Image Album
  Track list

Format: mp3, FLAC, APE, cue, wma, mp4, etc.
Quality or Bitrate: 128, 192, 256, 320 kbps VBR
Size: Mb, kb
Uploader: (name of it raised at the forum)

Download link
[hide] link url [/ hide]

1 - b) The live albums that are officers will be posted in the official section for photos. The rest go to the section bootlegs

2 Video

2 - a) In the video clip in recitals as well as placing it as referred to in item 1 - a) must add the resolution of the video 640x480, 320x200, etc.

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------

-Before posting a post must use the browser to make sure it is not repeated in this case must be added to the post in cuetion.
Every post will be repeated together without notice

-Was terminated publish information about another user, or in forum without consent of it.
-It is forbidden to do, propaganda, spam and everything that is not mentioned or related to METALARGENTUM, this topic will be erased immediately.

Any questions you can see [url=]Tutorials[/url]    or also ask questions at the [url=]Help[/url] section

3 General

1.-Introduce yourself in the thread devoted to the presentations, there you can talk about your musical tastes, describe as a person, your interests and everything you want to say freely while maintaining respect for the other users.

2 .- Before opening a new thread, make sure that the topic has not been treated previously.

3 .- Ensures that the new thread you open, is in the proper forum. We all like our threads and conversations are the most read and followed by the community, but that is no excuse to publish each and every one of the post in the thread that is at the top of the page.

4-If you have any problem with any user will not download your adrenaline into the wires, through attempts to contact the private message, if the problem persists, contact a moderator.

5.-Forbidden make massive spam.

6 .- It is not ALLOWED racist comments or discrimination under any reason.

7 .- All messages posted on these forums express the views of their authors and not the administrators, moderators or webmaster.

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