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Lyriel - Skin And Bones [Bonus Edition] (2014)
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Mensaje Lyriel - Skin And Bones [Bonus Edition] (2014) 
[center][b]Artist:[/b] Lyriel
[b]Album:[/b] Skin And Bones [Bonus Edition]
[b]Year:[/b] 2014
[b]Genre:[/b] Symphonic Gothic Metal / Folk Metal (Female Vocals)
[b]Length:[/b] 00:55:23  
[b]Size:[/b] 122 Mb
[b]Bitrate:[/b] 320 kbps[/center]

01. Numbers
02. Falling Skies
03. Skin And Bones
04. Black And White
05. Days Had Just Begun
06. Your Eyes
07. Dust To Dust
08. Der Weg
09. Astray
10. Worth The Fight
11. Running In Our Blood
12. Dream Within A Dream
13. Black And White (Second Skin Version) (Bonus Track)


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Mensaje Lyriel - Skin And Bones (Digipak Edition) (2014) 
[align=center][color=#FF00FF] [b] Lyriel - Skin And Bones (Digipak Edition) (2014) [/b] [/color]






[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2014
[b]Style[/b] : Folk Metal, Gothic Metal, Rock, Female Vocals
[b]Country[/b] : Germany
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + all scans
[b]Size[/b] : 165 mb[/color]


Lyriel are a German heavy metal band who formed in autumn of 2003 in Gummersbach. Originally playing folk metal, they turned more towards symphonic metal on their latest studio album. Lyriel has recorded four studio albums and published a DVD of a live performance.The band's lineup remained unchanged from their formation until 2008. Lyriel played as opening act for bands such as Elis, Visions of Atlantis, Regicide, Xandria, Schandmaul, Corvus Corax, Saltatio Mortis,Oomph, Schelmish, Korpiklaani and Manfred Mann's Earth Band.In 2005 they toured Germany, Austria and Belgium with Elis and Visions of Atlantis, in February 2006 Lyriel played on the “Romantic Darkness Tour“ together with Regicide and Xandria. Moreover they played on the Celtic Rock Festival at Greifenstein castle in Hesse. A video was released of the show. The first studio album Prisonworld was released on 17 January 2005. Especially notable is the song "Lind e-huil" which is sung in Sindarin, the fictional Elvish language created by J. R. R. Tolkien. The song "The Symmetry of Disfiguration" was inspired by Wendy and Richard Pini's Elfquest series.Their second studio album Autumntales was published on 29 September 2006. It continues the band's style and among other songs contains a cover version of "Hijo de la Luna". The performance of the string instruments was lauded by the musical press, as well as Jessica Thierjung's singing.The track "My Favourite Dream", recorded together with Sabine Dünser of Elis, was also acclaimed as one of the harder songs on the album.In September 2008 drummer Daniel de Beer left the band and was replaced by Marcus Fidorra. Since then the lineup has changed several times.The First Chapters, a remastered compilation album containing the first two studio albums was published in 2009.A new album Paranoid Circus followed on 29 January 2010. German voice actor Simon Jäger, known for dubbing actors like Heath Ledger and Matt Damon, appears as a guest artist on the album, reading an introduction and an excerpt from Hermann Hesse's short story The Wolf in the middle of the album. German and Austrian reviews agreed that while offering a high musical standard this album lacks the general speed of the previous releases.The album was re-released on AFM Records in April 2011 with a new cover artwork and 2 bonus tracks.Lyriel signed with AFM Records in 2011.A fourth album named Leverage was released in February 2012. Among a mix of soft folk rock as well as symphonic metal,it features a duet with Schandmaul vocalist Thomas Lindner.Leverage received positive reviews in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom. It was however noted that the "album does lose some steam near its conclusion" and that the band should have dared to evolve towards harder metal songs.Leverage contains two songs "The Road Not Taken" and "Parting" that are based on lyrics by Robert Frost and Charlotte Brontë respectively On the extended edition there is a version of "Everything's Coming Up Roses" by Black.


As the name suggests Lyriel already, take the texts in the creation of the German band an important place. Thus, the compositions as a vehicle for emotions. Lyriel have made ​​powerful rock / metal sounds, gothic influences, folky elements and dreamy ballads created a unique sound.Their fifth album "Skin And Bones" offers a further refinement of the Lyriel sounds, without, however, departing from the roots. With cello and violin (not only used for studio recordings but also important parts of live performances) as well as the expressive, variable voice of front woman Jessica Thierjung, Lyriel are an anomaly in the scene.

[color=#FF0000]Line Up:[/color]

Tim Sonnenstuhl    Bass, Guitars
Linda Laukamp    Cello
Marcus Fidorra    Drums
Oliver Claymore    Guitars - See also: ex-Sorrowsend
Joon Laukamp    Violin
Jessica Thierjung    Vocals (2003-present) - See also: ex-Sorrowsend


1.    Numbers    04:46      
2.    Falling Skies    04:45      
3.    Skin and Bones    04:02      
4.    Black and White    04:46      
5.    Days Had Just Begun    04:18      
6.    Your Eyes    03:58      
7.    Dust to Dust    03:34    
8.    Der Weg    03:35      
9.    Astray    03:12      
10.    Worth the Fight    03:35      
11.    Running in Our Blood    04:40      
12.    Dream Within a Dream    05:21      
13.    Black and White (Second Skin Version)    04:45

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