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Jackyl - Discog (all192kbs Or More)
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Mensaje Jackyl - Discog (all192kbs Or More) 
[COLOR="Red"]Discog only misses the best of(millenium edition) from 2003[/COLOR]

1992 - Jackyl - Jackyl
   1. I Stand Alone
   2. Dirty Little Mind
   3. Down on Me
   4. When Will It Rain
   5. Redneck Punk
   6. The Lumberjack
   7. Reach for Me
   8. Back off Brother
   9. Brain Drain
  10. Just Like a Devil
  11. She Loves My Cock


Jackyl - 1994 - Push Comes To Shove
   1. Push Comes To Shove
   2. Headed For Destruction
   3. My Life
   4. I Could Never Touch You Like You Do
   5. Dixieland
   6. I Want It
   7. Private Hell
   8. I Am The I Am
   9. Secret Of The Bottle
  10. Rock-A-Ho
  11. Back Down In The Dirt
  12. Chinatown
[url autourl=1537578870 nofollow=1][/url autourl=1537578870 nofollow=1][/CODE]


Jackyl - 1996 - Night of the Living Dead
   1. "Intro/Push Comes to Shove"
   2. "Mental Masturbation"
   3. "Headed for Destruction"
   4. "I Stand Alone"
   5. "Rock-A-Ho" (Dupree, Jeff Worley, Chris Worley)
   6. "Deeper in Darkness"
   7. "Down on Me"
   8. "Dirty Little Mind"
   9. "Redneck Punk" (Honeycutt, Worley)
  10. "The Lumberjack"


Jackyl - 1997 - Cut The Crap
   1. Dumb Ass Country Boy
   2. Locked and Loaded
   3. Open Up
   4. Misery Loves Company
   5. Lets Don't Go There
   6. Cut the Crap
   7. Twice as Ugly
   8. God Strike Me Dead
   9. Thanks For the Grammy
  10. Speak of the Devil
  11. Push Pull

Jackyl - 1998 - Stayin' Alive
   1. Problem
   2. Crush
   3. Can't Beat It With A Stick
   4. Open For Business
   5. Street Went Legit
   6. Live Wire
   7. Gimme Back My Bullets
   8. Nobody's Fault
   9. Dumbass Country Boy (Live) (Original Taken From Cut The Crap)
  10. Twice As Ugly (Live) (Original Taken From Cut The Crap)
  11. Locked & Loaded (Live) (Original Taken From Cut The Crap)

    * Track 6 Was Originally Recorded By AC/DC
    * Track 7 Was Originally Recorded By Lynyrd Skynyrd
    * Track 8 Was Originally Recorded By Aerosmith

Jackyl - 1998 - Choice Cuts
   1. We're An American Band (New Track)
   2. Down On Me (Taken From Jackyl)
   3. When Will It Rain (Taken From Jackyl)
   4. Locked And Loaded (Taken From Cut The Crap)
   5. I Stand Alone (Taken From Jackyl)
   6. I Am The Walrus (New Track)
   7. Push Comes To Shove (Taken From Push Comes To Shove)
   8. Headed For Destruction (Taken From Push Comes To Shove)
   9. The Lumberjack (Taken From Jackyl)
  10. Misery Loves Company (Taken From Cut The Crap)
  11. Dixieland (Taken From Push Comes To Shove)
  12. Secret Of The Bottle (Taken From Push Comes To Shove)
  13. Dirty Little Mind (Live) (Original Taken From Jackyl)
  14. Redneck Punk (Live) (Original Taken From Jackyl)
  15. Mister, Can You Spare A Dime (Previously Unreleased)
[url autourl=1537578870 nofollow=1][/url autourl=1537578870 nofollow=1]

Jackyl - 2002 - Relentless
   1. If You Want It Heavy (I Weigh A Ton)
   2. I'm On Fire
   3. Kill The Sunshine
   4. Lend Me A Hand
   5. Mr. Evil
   6. Vegas Smile
   7. Heaven Don't Want Me (And Hell's Afraid I'll Take Over)
   8. Down This Road Before
   9. Billy Badass
  10. Sparks From Candy
  11. Curse On You
  12. The More You Hate It


Jackyl - 2004 - Live at the Full Throttle Saloon
1 The More You Hate It
2 I Stand Alone
3 Mr. Evil
4 You Want It Heavy
5 Push Comes to Shove
6 Down This Road Before
7 Down on Me
8 Dirty Little Mind
9 Redneck Punk
10 The Lumberjack

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Mensaje Re: Jackyl - Discog (all192kbs Or More) 
Great Valdano thankz    

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