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Gorecult - Murder Notes [ep] - 2008
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Mensaje Gorecult - Murder Notes [ep] - 2008 

The fetus of Gorecult began to take form in September of 2006, when guitarrist Pablo Koster and

drummer Necroangel (who played together various extreme bands of the argentinian scene, like

Nocturnal Cry) were looking forward to form a Death Metal band called "Rotten Cunt". In their

search of musicians, they met guitarrist Fernando Martinez who shared their enthusiasm of playing

catchy, yet extreme Death Metal. Being just a band of three, they began to write songs, in the

process of finding an unique style that the band will implement as its own. In December the

"Rotten Cunt" project stalled for a while until Fernando Martinez contacted Necroangel.

In January of 2007 they continued what has been left back, and decide to have a fresh start under

the name "Decompose". Soon, they find a vocalist with who they wrote and record "Vomit to Death" and

"Blood Retribution", the first songs of the band. It was necessary to complete the band formation.

Thus, the search of musicians began. The first one to arrive was Matias Cateura, guitarrist. His

principal influences are Thrash, Melodic Death and Black Metal bands, such as Megadeth, Sepultura,

Carcass, Dissection, etc. He was involved in various Melodic Death/Thrash projects.

Unfortunately the actual singer needed to left the band for personal reason and Martin Marmol took

his spot in vocals. His favourite bands are Six Feet Under, Death, Dismember and is heavily influenced

by Chris Barnes vocals style. Also he is a big fan of Grincore, actually having his own Grincore

band "Low End" (in which he play guitar).

Finally the low frequencies vacancy was filled by Lagarto. He has been in a variety of Metal bands

in Argentina, like Resistencia Nativa, Erebo, Execración, Mandrax, etc. His principal tastes in the

extreme genre are Old School Death Metal/Progressive Death Metal bands, such as Death, Benediction,

Hypocrisy, Dismember, Pestilence, etc.

The formation was completed, with six songs written at the time. Before doing its first show, the

band realizes that the name "Decompose" was already taken by a Death-Grind band in Córdoba, Argentina

A new name was necessary. Considering the lyrical subjects of the songs, the name "Gorecult" was

accepted by the band. Thus, the band ready to feed the hungry argentinian people with gore and death,

began to play live with bands such as Necroabortion, Demoniac Infected, Nightkarnation, etc. The band

adquired good critics by the people of the argentinian extreme scene, as well by death metal listeners

over the world, giving the band more energy to keep writing catchy melodies, extreme riffs and gory

themes in its songs.

Actually the band is finishing its first EP called "Murder Notes" with its first five songs, which is

going to be distributed by the Internet and in the shows.

[b]EP[/b], None

December, 2008


[b]Genre:[/b] Death Metal

[b]Info:[/b] [mp3//320 kbps//44100Hz Stereo]

[b]Length:[/b] 23:51 min

[b]Size:[/b] 56.4 Mb

[b]Country:[/b] [img][/img] Argentina (Buenos Aires, Ramos Mejía)


1 - Intro (1:16)

2 - Vomit To Death (2:34)

3 - Blood Retribution (3:43)

4 - Dismembered Alive (4:40)

5 - Behold The Art Of Gore (5:47)

6 - The Scythe Madman (5:51)


[b]Gorecult are:[/b]

     *Fernando Martinez - Lead Guitar

     *Necroangel - Drums

     *Fernando Mustafa - Vocals

     *Matias Cateura - Guitar & Backing Vocals

     *Lagarto - Bass


[b]Enjoy it![/b]

[hide] [/hide]

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Mensaje Re: Gorecult - Murder Notes [ep] - 2008 
[b]Muy Bueno che...!!!!

Gracias baja...!!!


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Mensaje Re: Gorecult - Murder Notes [ep] - 2008 

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