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Escapist - Hidden Memories (2013)
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Mensaje Escapist - Hidden Memories (2013) 





Argentina / Location: Buenos Aires City


Symphonic Power Metal


Escapist is a Melodic Power Metal band that started in 2009 in Argentina when Ivan De Noia and Sebastian Divito got together with Luciana Queirolo and Walter Segovia. Luciana, Sebastian and Walter had already been playing together in a band called Elfentales but that project did not work out.. Previously, but not simultaneously, Luciana and Ivan were part of Kapelmaister.All through year 2009 the band had been rehearsing without drummer. In May 2010 the band was presenting for the very first time at Acatraz Auditory. Nicolas Ferrero, drum sessionist and friend, agreed to play drums that night.During 2010 things got complicated when Walter Segobia decides to leave the band. This not only delayed any live performance, which was the main goal for 2010, but also forced the band to start looking for a bass guitar player and a drummer.Finally, at the beginning of 2011 and after a long search, Martin Miciudas (bass giutar) and Max Mazzera (drums) joined the band. A few months went by rehearsing and adjusting details. The band, now complete, records its first demo. In this demo you'll find different sorts of songs, from fast and heavy to melodic ones, all of which are caressed by the charm and talent of our soprano singer.

[color=#FF0000]Line Up:[/color]

Martín Miciudas     Bass (2009-present)
Max Mazzera     Drums (2009-present)
Sebastian Di Vito     Guitars (2009-present) - See also: ex-Irisis    
Iván De Noia     Keyboards (2009-present) - See also: ex-Kapel Maister, ex-Lord Kraven, ex-Argen    
Luciana Queirolo     Vocals (2009-present) - See also: ex-Kapel Maister


Demo     Demo     2011     
Hidden Memories     Full-length     2013

[color=#FF00FF] [b] Escapist - Hidden Memories (2013) [/b] [/color]




[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2013
[b]Style[/b] :  Symphonic Power Metal
[b]Country[/b] : Argentina
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + all scans
[b]Size[/b] : 139 mb[/color]


1. Silent Hunter
2. Eternal Life
3. Where The Rainbow Ends
4. Desires and Mistakes
5. Angels Never Gone
6. Knife
7. Shine No More
8. Disappear
9. The Little Warrior
10. Hero's Name    

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[u][b]How to download from CloudZer:[/b][/u]

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2. In Link.Safe click on [b][u]Open Link[/u][/b]
3. On pages [u][b]CloudZer[/b][/u] wait 30 sec and enter the code...

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[color=#FF00FF] Password:  [b]horex[/b][/color]

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Mensaje Re: Escapist - Hidden Memories (2013) 
[align=center][size=24][color=red][b]Escapist[/b] - Hidden Memories[/color][/size]

[b][color=orange]COUNTRY:.................. Argentina
ALBUM:.................... Hidden Memories
TYPE OF ALBUM:... Full Length
YEAR:................... 2013
GENRE:........... Symphonic Power Metal
FILESIZE:................... 131,39 MB
FORMAT:................... MP3@CBR320 kbps[/color]

[color=green]1. Escapist - Silent Hunter [04:48][/color] [color=red]««««[/color]
[color=green]2. Escapist - Eternal Life [05:20]
3. Escapist - Where the Rainbow Ends [06:42]
4. Escapist - Desires and Mistakes [05:43]
5. Escapist - Angels Never Gone [05:50]
6. Escapist - Knife [04:11]
7. Escapist - Shine No More  [04:45]
8. Escapist - Disappear [04:38]
9. Escapist - The Little Warrior [08:09]
10. Escapist - Hero's Name [05:12][/color][/b]

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Mensaje Re: Escapist - Hidden Memories (2013) 

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