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[color=yellow][b][i][size=14]Disavowed[/size][/i][/b] is a brutal death metal band from Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Den Helder, Netherlands and Cannes, South of France.

They have released two albums, one in 2002, on the American label Unique Leader called 'Perceptive Deception' and one in 2007 on Neurotic Records called 'Stagnated Existence'.

The band signed to Dutch label Neurotic Records.

They have toured Europe most recently with Cannibal Corpse amongst others, and have also played on one of the Bloodletting Tours which traverse the US and Canada. As well shows have been played in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Robbert Kok, Daniel Van Den Broek and Romain Goulon all also play in the band Arsebreed which released it's debut album on Neurotic Records in 2006.[/color]

[color=red][b]Genre:[/b][/color] Brutal Death Metal
[color=red][b]Lyrical:[/b][/color] Philosophy, Human Nature, Evolution, Psychology...
[color=red][b]Origin & Formed:[/b][/color] Netherlands (North Brabant)  /// 2000

[color=gold][b]Current line-up:[/b][/color]
Nils Berndsen - Bass
Romain Goulon - Drums (Arsebreed, Agressor (Fra), Imperial Sodomy, Kaoteon, Belëf, Necrophagist, Disharmony) (May 06 onwards)
Robbe Kok - Vocals (Arsebreed, Obsidian (Hol))
Gerben Van Der Bij - Guitar (Obsidian (Hol))
Daniel "Daan" Van Der Broek - Guitar (Arsebreed)

[color=gold][b]Former/past member:[/b][/color]
Dirk Janssen - Session Live Drums (from Robbe V's retirement till May 06) (Despondency (Ger), Ingurgitating Oblivion)
Doris Neijboer - Guitar
Joel Sta - Guitar on demos (Pyaemia, Arsebreed)
Robbe Vrijenhoek - Drums (Pyaemia) (Retired due to renewed old wrist injury)

[align=center]    [/align]

Disavowed - Perceptive Deception (2001)


Recorded as a four-piece (without Joel Sta, and with Robbe K on vocals) [/color]

2.Abolition Of Impediment        
3.Reason Rejected        
4.Condensed Conditions        
5.Masses Conformed        
6.Unfolding Disposition        
7.Generative Patterns        
8.Critical Emulation        
9.Opposite Extremities        
[color=#DDEEFF][b]Style: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Netherlands (North Brabant)
Format: mp3@192
Size: 45 Mb[/b][/color]

[url autourl=1537511933 nofollow=1][/url autourl=1537511933 nofollow=1]

Disavowed - Stagnated Existence (2007)


1. Biased Existence 03:32
2. Treason 03:09
3. Collateral Causality 02:59
4. Restricted Conceptions 03:08
5. The Infinite Multiplicity 03:20
6. The Eternal Validity 03:26
7. Divided By Condemn 03:12
8. Stagnated 02:35
9. Dogmatic Conceit 03:07
10. The Veils of Misconception 03:59

[color=#DDEEFF][b]Style: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Netherlands (North Brabant)
Format: mp3@320 (CD-Rip)
Size: 93 Mb[/b][/color]

[color=red]Link X Axifile & Rapid:[/color]
[url autourl=1537511933 nofollow=1][/url autourl=1537511933 nofollow=1]
[url autourl=1537511933 nofollow=1][/url autourl=1537511933 nofollow=1]

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