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David Rock Feinstein - Clash Of Armor (2013)
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Mensaje David Rock Feinstein - Clash Of Armor (2013) 

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United States / New York City, New York


Heavy Metal


David Rock Feinstein is the guitarist for the Metal band THE RODS. He is Ronnie James Dio’s cousin, and was the guitarist in one of Ronnie’s early bands, called Elf. Previous to that he was in a local band in Central NY called The Cindells.Energetic, electrifying, immortal…just some of the words used to describe Magic Circle Music recording artists, Feinstein! And with release of the album “Third Wish,” a new era of “slash and burn” is certain to ignite for the man behind the name—David “Rock” Feinstein!The moniker should not only ring a bell in the minds of true metal devotees, but also leave famished metal fans quivering in anticipation. As the original guitarist with the band Elf (the group that eventually became Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow) and the lead guitarist/vocalist with the now legendary heavy-metal trio The Rods (purveyors of sinfully molten metal), David “Rock” Feinstein has certainly assured himself a name in the annals of rock ’n’ roll. His barnstorming, take-no-prisoner’s style of guitar playing shredded the grooves of The Rods eponymously-titled debut album, waving the banner flag for the New Wave of Heavy Metal that thundered through the ’80s. With six subsequent albums, including “Wild Dogs,” “In The Raw,” “Heavier Than Thou,” and the blistering “The Rods Live,” The Rods proved more than capable of penning mega-decibel poetry—according to more than one journalist. After numerous tours, the band left behind a trail of destruction throughout the States and Europe with their fans absolutely craving for more.And now comes the band Feinstein, with “Rock’s” guitar once again taking unshakable and determined control, delivering both robust blows and disciplined caresses in equal yet magnetic proportions. The man seems inbred with rock ’n’ roll fever—“All of us that played instruments, started in high school,” says Feinstein. “It was a fun thing to do…we didn’t care about money, we just wanted to get out there and blast our way to the top!” It’s unlikely the man will ever forsake that youthful “staunch and rebellious attitude,” as the current music undoubtedly demonstrates metal is bred in the bone!This bone-breaking debut album from Feinstein, “Third Wish,” proves just that, with ear-battering tracks of melody and metal, primed and armed for another worldwide onslaught. The sound is both raw and mammoth, seasoned and dynamic, bluesy and ballsy, leaving no doubt in the minds of the legion of listeners that David “Rock” Feinstein is back—with a bloody vengeance!

Joining “Rock” in his latest venture is John West, a vocalist of stellar ability, whose soaring vocals have graced both various solo releases and albums with the bands Artension and Royal Hunt. The long-term friendship between these talented individuals proved solid when John offered his services to “Rock’s” current project as a singer and co writer. In the tradition of metal’s supreme vocalists, the man truly knows how to belt out a tune, maintaining guts, melody, and emotion, adding just the perfect lethal blow to “Rock’s” killer riffs. This combination of metal mayhem proves to be lethal.

A splash of keyboards adds magical tinsel to the Feinstein tracks, thanks to the enigmatic talents of Bob Twining, a maestro of the keys. Jeff Howell, a veteran and solid bassist of the bands Foghat and The Outlaws, forms one half of the dynamic rhythm section, adding the throbbing backbone to each sizzling cut. Nate Horton, the other half of the driving backbone, pounds the drums like an enraged hornet, kicking Feinstein’s pulse into ultra-high adrenaline! And all the while, the “Rock” adds his torpedo-strikes—straight at the heart.

An Elf reunion with Ronnie James Dio and Joey DeMaio mayhap? The Rods reunion with the original members, perchance? Of course, these ideas have been bantered about and speculated for several years, according to “Rock”—but those are future projects, if possible. But for the moment, Feinstein has appeared—a riff-oriented, blues-based, kick-butt approach makes up “Third Wish”—a blitzkrieg of unadulterated power to satisfy even the most jaded of hungry metal fans.He’s cocked, he’s loaded, and he’s returned for slaughter—You’re about to get your ass kicked really hard—in fact, “Rock Hard,” by Feinstein!

[color=#FF0000]Line Up:[/color]

David "Rock" Feinstein     Bass, Guitars, Vocals - See also: The Rods, ex-Canedy, Feinstein, Bordonaro & Caudle, ex-Dave Feinstein, ex-Feinstein, ex-Lone Rager, ex-A'La Rock, ex-Elf
Nate Horton     Drums - See also: ex-Feinstein


One Night in the Jungle     Full-length     2000     
Bitten by the Beast     Full-length     2010     
Metal Will Never Die     Single     2010     
Clash of Armor     Full-length     2013     

[color=#FF00FF] [b]David Rock Feinstein - Clash Of Armor (Digipak) (2013)  [/b] [/color]




[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2013
[b]Style[/b] : Heavy Metal
[b]Country[/b] : USA
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + all scans
[b]Size[/b] : 139 mb[/color]


1.     Metal Rules     03:41     
2.     Root of All Evil     04:35     
3.     Kill the Pain     03:44     
4.     The Devil Made Me Do It     04:25     
5.     Alone in the Dark     05:11     
6.     Listen to the Wind     05:15     
7.     Here Comes the Night     04:02     
8.     The Voodoo     05:24     
9.     Stand in the Fire     03:49       

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