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Crosswind - Vicious Dominion (2014)
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Mensaje Crosswind - Vicious Dominion (2014) 
[align=center][color=#FF00FF] [b] Crosswind - Vicious Dominion (2014) [/b] [/color]






[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2014
[b]Style[/b] : Power Metal , Speed Metal
[b]Country[/b] : Greece
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + front + Video
[b]Size[/b] : 166 mb[/color]


The CROSSWIND story began sometime in the mid/late 90's, when a group of teenagers got together with the dream of forming a band that would encompass all those elements of Heavy Metal that they loved. Through very difficult times they managed to forge their first Demo CD "Dark Omens", which proved to also be the band's first period swan song. For a multitude of reasons, it was impossible for the band to continue.Fast-forwarding to around 2005 the founding members Kyriakos and Vasilis M. started the band again. Their sole purpose, once again, to create and play music without any compromises. Blending the finest ingredients of what makes Metal so great: Speed, Power, Melody and Substance. CROSSWIND's sound can be described as the fusion of NWOBHM's melody, German Power Metal's speed and technique and American Heavy Metal's epic sound. This amalgam of influences rooted in fine Metal tradition as well as the addition of allegorical lyrics and an orchestral perception towards arrangements underpin CROSSWIND's new beginning.The outcome of this new start was CROSSWIND's second official Demo EP "Beyond", which came out in 2008. This EP marking CROSSWIND's rebirth was hailed through the underground as soon as it was released, with rave reviews in fanzines, magazines and metal websites.In 2009, CROSSWIND returned with a second offering of their brand of metal with the Demo EP called "Opposing Forces". 3 more dynamite tracks and a cover of Queensryche's "Walk in the Shadows" were included this time. Once again, the underground worldwide was taken by storm. Rave reviews, interviews in electronic and print media helped the band reach more fans around the world.The success of the band's 2 EPs in underground circles worldwide led to a deal with U.S based Stormspell Records in 2010. Through Stormspell recs, both EPs were combined in a one-CD version that included revamped artwork and extensive booklets.In the summer of 2010, the band was invited by Magic Circle Music to participate with one track in the Tribute album to Ronnie James Dio called "Magic", along with bands like MANOWAR, JACK STARR and HOLYHELL.Following that, CROSSWIND were invited to open Magic Circle Festival IV @ METALCAMP in Slovenia. There, CROSSWIND had the honor and opportunity to share the stage with legends like VIRGIN STEELE, KAMELOT, ARCH ENEMY and MANOWAR.Since then, CROSSWIND have been on a rampage of shows in their homeland playing with the cream of the crop of the local heavy metal scene.Currently, the band is promoting their brand new full-length album, "Vicious Dominion". The band sounds still furiously powerful but much richer and refined. Maniacal riffing collides against epic orchestral arrangements with intertwined guitar harmonies that bind with multi-layered, multi-octave vocals, backed by a fine-tuned rhythm section's onslaught.
(May 2014)


Vasilis Topalidis - Vocals (Horizon's End, ex-Escape, ex-Redrum, ex-Sarissa)
Kyriakos Vasdokas - Guitars (Wishdoom (live))
Leon Tsorbatzoglou - Guitars
Vasilis Kyrkos - Bass (ex-Sinner Rider)
Vasilis Mitsaris - Drums (ex-Out Of The Lair)


01. From Ashes Reborn
02. Lords Of Deceit
03. The Order
04. Angels At War
05. Legion Lost
06. Vicious Dominion
07. Aeons
08. Grim Steeds
09. Eye Of The Storm

+ Video "Vicious Dominion" (Official Video)
Please my link you can spread further, but do not upload to other hostings!!!

[img][/img] [img][/img]

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[color=#FF00FF] Password:  [b]horex[/b][/color]

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Mensaje Re: Crosswind - Vicious Dominion (2014) 
[align=center][size=22][color=red][b]Crosswind[/b] - Vicious Dominion (2014)[/color][/size]

[b][color=orange]COUNTRY:.................. Greece
TYPE OF ALBUM:... Full Length
GENRE:........... Power Metal
FILESIZE:................... 102,25 MB
FORMAT:..... MP3@CBR320kbps[/color]

[color=green]01. From Ashes Reborn
02. Lords Of Deceit
03. The Order
04. Angels At War
05. Legion Lost
06. Vicious Dominion[/color] [color=red]««««[/color]
[color=green]07. Aeons
08. Grim Steeds
09. Eye Of The Storm[/color][/b]

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