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Cronos - Venom (1995)
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Mensaje Cronos - Venom (1995) 
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| MP3 CBR 320 kbps | 150.66 MB | Time: 1:04:24 | Covers[/b]

1. In League With Satan (VENOM cover) (5:46)
2. Superpower ** (1:51)
3. Vampyr * (4:33)
4. Lost And Found ** (4:00)
5. Fire (VENOM cover) (2:45)
6. 1000 Days In Sodom (VENOM cover) (4:08)
7. Know Evil *** (4:01)
8. Messages Of War ** (4:48)
9. 7 Gates Of Hell (VENOM cover) (4:47)
10. Painkiller * (2:44)
11. Babylon *** (3:38)
12. Don't Burn The Witch In Nomine Satanas (VENOM cover) (7:01)
13. Fantasia * (2:43)
14. Ye Of Little Faith *** (3:55)
15. Satanachist (VENOM cover) (2:03)
16. At War With Satan * (5:41)

* Dancing in the Fire
** Rock 'n' Roll Disease
*** Triumvirate

Compilation inc. 6 re-recorded Venom tracks

Produced by Conrad Lant


Conrad ''Cronos'' Lant: Vocals, Bass (Venom, ex-Dwarfstar)
Mike "Mykus" Hickey: Guitar (ex-Venom, Goatreign, ex-Altered Dominance)
Mark Wharton: Drums (ex-Acid Reign, ex-Asomvel, ex-Cathedral)

At first glance this looks like your average metal compilation reminisent of all those Venom "best of" collections plaguing every record store under the "V" section. This compilation goes far beyond what it appears to be. Sure it contains a handful of Cronos songs off of his first two solo albums Dancing In The Fire and Rock 'N' Roll Disease, but the kicker is that this release contains 4 Venom cover songs specially recorded for this release. But that still isn't the best part! The best part is that this compilation is that it contains three tarcks off of Cronos's third album Triumvirate, which to this day has never been released. That album was recorded in 1995 and was due to be released in 1996, but its release was cancelled due to that Venom reunion that resulted in the album Cast In Stone. What a shame because these three tracks (Babylon, Ye of Little Faith, and Know Evil) are really good and are more black metal orientated. I was never aware of this unreleased album until I bought this compilation. The booklet of this release also shows the cover art of that album stating "coming in 1996", which is really neat for die hard Venom/Cronos fans. If you are a Cronos/Venom fan, do not pass up this release as just another compilation. I did at fist and I was blind to the fact that this release contained buried treasures within its tracklisting. Hopefully Cronos will decide to finally unleash that unreleased album unto the world some day in the future. ~ Review by Lunar Strain

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