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Chariot - Demons & Angels (2014)
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Mensaje Chariot - Demons & Angels (2014) 
[align=center][color=#FF00FF] [b] Chariot - Demons & Angels (2014) [/b] [/color]






[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2014
[b]Style[/b] : Heavy Metal , NWOBHM
[b]Country[/b] : United Kingdom
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + front
[b]Size[/b] : 157 mb[/color]


In 1985, British band CHARIOT was founded by Pete Franklin and during the next four years, they went on to tour in the UK supporting MANOWAR and VENOM during their 1986/7 European tour, as well as opening the 1987 Reading Festival. CHARIOT attracted considerable media attention, including the UK music press as well as Cable TV in Europe and were on the verge of signing a major deal with ATLANTIC RECORDS in 1988, when the American Company shut down their UK office and sadly, all potential deals as well.During the following year, 1989, the original line up went through changes and by 1990 only Pete Franklin from the original line up remained. He was joined by current bass player Tony Newton and the band continued as CHARIOT mark II, managed by Mike Shannon who owned the now defunct SHADES RECORDS.During this period they went on to support many top bands, including IRON MAIDEN, LOVE/HATE, BONHAM, XYZ and MANOWAR. Having built up a sizeable following, they were able to headline the MARQUEE CLUB on many occasions impressing all who saw them including MUSIC FOR NATIONS who were interested in signing them. Unfortunately their management company - SHADES - went bust, and MFN backed out of the deal. Bad luck had struck again!As always happens, the band went through another line up change and also a name change. A new drummer Simon Dawson was recruited and the personnel were now so far removed from what was going on in 1985 that they temporarily reformed as OUTLAND, finally settling on the name DIRTY DEEDS.Undeterred from previous set backs, they continued gigging the rock club circuit at a time when all the labels were signing grunge bands. During 1993, STEVE HARRIS from IRON MAIDEN who was quietly checking out British talent in search of a replacement vocalist, went to see Dirty Deeds at the HARLOW SQUARE and was so impressed by their performance and material he wanted to become involved and offered them studio time at his BARNYARD STUDIOS in Essex. Steve wanted to help so badly that he decided to wear a DIRTY DEEDS T-shirt on the RAISING HELL video that features BRUCE DICKINSON'S last performance.The band were encouraged by letters appearing in the British press asking what had happened to CHARIOT and in early 1994 recruited Barry Fitzgibbon (ex BRITISH LION) to replace their existing guitarist who had decided to move on. Spurred on by Fitzgibbon's new impetus the band gigged hard and recorded new material touting many labels with demos that also received rave reviews in Japan. Notwithstanding Harris's enthusiasm and support, there were no developments on the signing front during 1994 and in 1995 matters deteriorated with the drummer becoming disillusioned and distancing himself from involvement. Eventually the band split with their drummer in late 1995 without at the time having a replacement lined up. These were dark days for Deeds, despite Harris's obvious excitement things seemed to be stagnating and frustrated by the music scene in the UK, the band were struggling to generate support from the music industry and press that were sadly distracted by the extremities of death metal, thrash et al.In was on one dark evening in November 1995 that a phone call was received by bassist Tony Newton that was to dramatically change the band's fortunes. Steve Harris asked whether DIRTY DEEDS would be prepared to support Maiden during the European leg of the X FACTOUR following the withdrawal of existing support act MY DYING BRIDE. The band jumped at the opportunity and immediately recruited a drummer to complete the line up.The tour consisted of 12 dates covering amongst others Italy, France, Ireland and Slovenia. The then, completely unknown support, act generated fanatical acclaim and returned to the UK in February 1996 on a high, particularly as they had been asked to support IRON MAIDEN once again at some festival dates in the summer of that year. By this time, Maiden's management company SANCTUARY were beginning to take note and in the same month Harris kept to his word and the band entered the BARNYARD STUDIOS to lay down their first, long awaited debut album. The album took several months to complete, the band taking time off to play several festival dates in Europe including the French FREEWHEELS bash.

[color=#FF0000]Line Up:[/color]

John Smith     Bass
Jeff Braithwaite     Drums
Paul Lane     Guitars
Pete Franklin     Vocals, Guitars - See also: Deeds, ex-Blue Cross, ex-Strident


01. Get Enough 4:33
02. Demons and Angels 7:55
03. Game 3:29
04. Feed the Flames 4:46
05. Cold Blood 4:11
06. Crazy 4:07
07. Some Fantasy 3:56
08. One 5:01
09. Fate of the Condemned 7:19
10. The Fury 5:32
11. Stealer 4:03
12. Flesh and Bone 4:16
13. Live Again 7:24

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