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Blood Red Throne - Blood Red Throne (2013)
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Mensaje Blood Red Throne - Blood Red Throne (2013) 

Technical Death Metal
mp3, 320 kbps
102 Мb[/b]

01. Soulseller (4:03)
02. In Hell I Roam (4:22)
03. Hymn Of The Asylum (3:06)
04. Primitive Killing Machine (4:04)
05. Deatholation (3:51)
06. Torturewhore (3:45)
07. Exoneration Manifesto (4:39)
08. Dodens Makt (3:00)
09. March Of The Undying (5:04)


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Mensaje Re: Blood Red Throne - Blood Red Throne (2013) 
[color=yellow][b]Muy Buen disco !!!![/b][/color]      

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Mensaje Re: Blood Red Throne - Blood Red Throne (2013) 
    Una pinche brutalidad ¡¡¡

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Mensaje Re: Blood Red Throne - Blood Red Throne (2013) 

[url autourl=1537933821 nofollow=1][/url autourl=1537933821 nofollow=1]
[url autourl=1537933821 nofollow=1][/url autourl=1537933821 nofollow=1]




Norway / Kristiansand


Death Metal


Død started his musical career in the legendary Norwegian blackmetal band Satyricon. 19 years old he was picked out to be their live guitarist from 1996 to 1999. Playing black metal in Satyricon, there were never a question, death metal was Død's major passion and in 1998 he started working on material for his own death metal band. His friend Tchort(Emperor, Carpathian Forest), who also played bass in Satyricon, shared the same passion and BloodRedThrone was officially a band.Shortly after, the young and talented bass player Erlend Caspersen was found and the search for a drummer and singer could start! There weren't any suitable drummers around in our hometown at that time, but after a while we got in touch with Freddy Bolsø, who just moved to town to study! He was just the drummer we were looking for and it was amazing to start rehearsing on our material.We soon wanted to record a demo and we invited Ronnie Thorsen from Trail of Tears to help us out with the vocals. This became the Deathmix 2000 demo, which led to a record deal with Hammerheart Records.Our debut album had to be recorded, but we still hadn't found a permanent singer. Just 3 weeks before entering studio, we asked long time friend, Mr.Hustler, to join the band. He had never played in a band or done some vocals ever before, but Monument of Death became a fuckin' killer debut album, released in 2001! The limited edition included a package called 'The Suicide Kit', which not only contained the actual album, but also a printed razor blade and a poster. The kits were hand numbered in the band member's own blood!We never did any live shows with this line up and Freddy Bolsø moved back to his hometown and we had to find a new drummer. Espen "Beist" Antonsen(The Sickening) joined the band and we recorded Affiliated With The Suffering in 2002 and this was our last album on Hammerheart Records. We got on our first European tour and we did two of them with this line-up and we played at the Inferno Festival and some other festivals in this period.Nothing lasts forever and Beist left the band when we were about to record our first album on Earache Records. But we got some incredible help from Bernt Moen and we managed to record our darkest and most intense album ever, Altered Genesis, released in 2005.
After this release, Mr. Hustler had to make a choice due to his work commitments, so he left the band as friends and a new friend of us, Vald, was handed the microphone. We also had to find a permanent rummer, and this led us to Anders Haave. He joined the band in 2006 and we went on a new European tour and did several live shows until we got in studio to record our fourth album, Come Death, on Earache Records. It was released in 2007 and by the end of the year, we did a new European tour with Divine Heresy.2008 was a slow year for us on the live front, but we wrote the material for our 5th album, Souls of Damnation and released this in 2009! This also featured a cool DVD.After this release, Tchort decided to have a break to focus on his family and work. Nevertheless, the band went out on their first headliner European Tour in October 2009 with Hate. This was the first tour with only Død on guitar.Anders decided to leave the band late 2009. He was replaced with the Swedish wonder boy, Emil Wiksten.Later, we decided to bring a friend of us, Ivan "Meathook" Gujic, as a session guitar player while Tchort still had his break. The first gig with this line-up was a festival in Italy we headlined. In September 2010 we also played in Mexico for the first time. This was a special event for us, especially since Mr. Hustler did the vocals after leaving the band 5 years ago, since Vald couldn't make this trip.One of BRT's highlights happened at the end of 2010, when we went on tour with Dimmu Borgir and Enslaved across the states and Canada!A lot of things happened in 2011. Ivan Gujic became a permanent member of BloodRedThrone. We signed with US label Sevared Records and released our 6th full length album, Brutalitarian Regime. We returned to Mexico and also played several summer festivals. We toured the US/Canada again with Grave for 4 weeks.Unfortunately, Erlend Caspersen and Vald decided to leave due to family and work related issues October 2011. They were replaced by Ole Bent Madsen on bass guitar and Bolt on vocals December 2011.The new line-up went back to Europe and toured with Suffocation in March 2012.April 2012, we filmed a live DVD to be released later this year and we played Hellfest summer 2012 with major acts like Ozzy, Motley Crue and Guns n Roses.In October 2012, we will headline a UK tour…

[color=#FF0000]Line Up:[/color]

Død     Guitars (1998-present) - See also: Cobolt 60, Scariot, Zerozonic, ex-Trioxin, ex-Satyricon (live)
Ivan Gujic     Guitars (2010-present) - See also: NeonGod, ex-Brutal Massacre, ex-Goatlord    
Ole Bent Madsen     Bass (2011-present) - See also: Horizon Ablaze    
Yngve Bolt Christiansen     Vocals (2011-present) - See also: ex-Concussion


Deathmix 2000     Demo     2000     
Monument of Death     Full-length     2001     
A Taste for Blood     EP     2002     
A Taste for Butchery     Split     2002     
Affiliated with the Suffering     Full-length     2003     
Altered Genesis     Full-length     2005     
Come Death     Full-length     2007     
Souls of Damnation     Full-length     2009     
Brutalitarian Regime     Full-length     2011     
Blood Red Throne     Full-length     2013

[color=#FF00FF] [b] Blood Red Throne - Blood Red Throne (2013) [/b] [/color]




[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2013
[b]Style[/b] : Death Metal
[b]Country[/b] : Norway
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + all scans + Video
[b]Size[/b] : 294 mb[/color]


1.     Soulseller     04:01       
2.     In Hell I Roam     04:22     
3.     Hymn of the Asylum     03:07       
4.     Primitive Killing Machine     04:05     
5.     Deatholation     03:50     
6.     Torturewhore     03:44       
7.     Exoneration Manifesto     04:39       
8.     Dødens makt     03:01       
9.     March of the Undying     05:04

+ Video - Primitive Killing Machine (2013)

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Part 1:

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Mensaje Re: Blood Red Throne - Blood Red Throne (2013) 

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