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Blazon Stone - Return To Port Royal (2013) + All Scans
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Mensaje Blazon Stone - Return To Port Royal (2013) + All Scans 
[align=center][color=#FF00FF] [b] Blazon Stone - Return To Port Royal (2013) [/b] [/color]





[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2013
[b]Style[/b] : Heavy Metal , Power Metal
[b]Country[/b] : Sweden
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + all scans
[b]Size[/b] : 142 mb[/color]


A simple message for those who deeply feels the absence of the old days, the electrical charges running through the body as the classic distorted sounds of the past consume the inner spirit. Like a thirsty drunkard yearning for another round of booze or a dosage of sweets for the hankering sugar addictive, there is the desire, the passion for the things of old. The Swedish artist named Ced, for several years now, has been able to find the rightful serum, an elixir of the gods, to originate that primeval addiction for tasty 80s Heavy Metal. Retaining the iron bound glory firstly with ROCKA ROLLAS, Ced continued to affirm and construct additional pieces for his reignited 80s Metal cosmos, thus forming another entity entitled BLAZON STONE. Metalheads, young and old, should recognize this title as it is one of the German Adrian RUNNING WILD’s finest releases, dating back to 1990. Also, and without even listening to a single chord, one also should be able notice the headings on the list of songs on the project’s debut, “Return To Port Royal”, via Stormspell Records, and find the comparability to the German giant.With ROCKA ROLLAS, as it appears, being the main thing for Ced, it seems to me that BLAZON STONE, at least in general, is a gradually a RUNNING WILD tribute. Surly that “Return To Port Royal” isn’t a cover album for the band’s classics, yet it does convey a considerable an accolade and tremendous esteem to the Rolf Kasparek’s foremost achievements of the late 80s and the early 90s. I am positive that Ced and his companion on the vocals, a guy named Erick, weren’t on the trail of implementing anything innovative, Ced’s songwriting on this one was mainly led by his possible affection and admiration for Kasparek’s old Speed / Power Metal gems and thus “Return To Port Royal” came to be. Even the choosing of Erick for the vocal task appeared to be one of the reasons as his voice pattern nearly matches Kasparek’s raspy tone. Therefore, I am leading you to the fact that essentially, “Return To Port Royal”, is like a lost RUNNING WILD album with the same piracy themes, riff techniques and orientations, solo pattern and rhythm section, the victorious feel of the choral choruses yet with a slightly different vocalist that has a somewhat better voice, in contrast to the younger version of Kasparek. Honestly, I was a bit puzzled regarding my opinion on this album, as for once I perceived it as a mere sort of a mimic. However, as these heart driving songs dashed right through me in full throttle, it felt so amazingly compelling, like pleasant breeze in a sticky warm day, yet also quite stormy from time to time with ounces of bursting energy. Furthermore, Ced is a magician with the ample knowledge to recreate mind blowing moments with his versatile abilities.After the soothing intro, BLAZON STONE charged forward with their ultrasonic opener, “Return To Port Royal”, a bombastic Speed Metal track in the spirit of the old “Port Royal” album, actually with various similarities to the “Conquistador” and “Port Royal” tracks. Ced wrote some incredible riffing, parallel to the old RUNNING WILD flame hitherto with extra crunchy melodic licks, especially the ones of the main riff and crushing onslaught drumming. “The Tale Of Vasa”, closing the release with an epic is a must, and so it was. Riding on the wings of the old “The Battle Of Waterloo”, of the “Death Or Glory” album, judging by its main riffing, Ced implemented a choral chorus, an anthem of a triumphed conquest. Erick proved himself to be an astounding frontman with a celestial voice though also showing his raspy tenor at work. “Blackbeard” erupts like a boiling volcano, after an impressive intro of softened echoes commencing another storyteller, firing the cannons of the pirate ship in tremendous speed and prowess. Ced storm rolling with tremolo picking blitz enhanced with hook laden melodies, as Erick sweeps with his definitive vocal stature. Like a reminiscent of the old “Privateer” track of the “Black Hand Inn” classic, this captain will certainly stick around for an additional shot. “Return To Port Royal” is a comeback, not of RUNNING WILD’s as Kasparek revamped the old Adrian, but of a special age and a whole lot of memories. Hail to the Swedes for firing the cannon ball, hitting right on target.


Ced     Bass, Guitars, Drums - See also: Mortyr, Rocka Rollas
Erik Nordkvist     Vocals - See also: Assaultery
Jan     Keyboards (2013-present)


1.     Intro    01:30      instrumental
2.     Return to Port Royal    05:08    
3.     Stand Your Line    04:24    
4.     Amistad Rebellion    04:26      
5.     High Treason    06:27    
6.     Curse of the Ghost Ship    06:11    
7.     Blackbeard    04:49    
8.     Wind in the Sails    06:22    
9.     The Tale of Vasa    08:47

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