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Autopsy - After The Cutting (2015)
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[CENTER][SIZE=4][COLOR="#00FF00"]Autopsy - After The Cutting   (Compilation)[/COLOR][/SIZE]


Year: 2015
Сountry: U.S.A.
Genre: Death Metal
Lyrical themes: Gore, Death, Horror, Zombies, Necrophilia
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Size: 701 MB
Covers: Front


    Disc 1
1     Strung Up And Gutted     
2     Skull Grinder     
3     Children Of The Filth     
5     Sanity Bleeds     
5     The Withering Death     
6     Waiting For The Screams     
7     Return To Dead     
8     Charred Remains     
9     Ridden With Disease
10     Critical Madness     
11     Human Genocide     
12     Embalmed     
13     Stillborn     
14     Mauled To Death     
15     Christ Denied     
16     Fiend For Blood     
17     Keeper Of Decay     
18     Squeal Like A Pig     
19     Ravenous Freaks     
20     Dead Hole     2:48
21     Black Incantations     

    Disc 2
1     Severed Survival
2     Gasping For Air
3     Ridden With Disease     
4     Embalmed     
5     Charred Remains     
6     Retribution for the Dead     
7     In The Grip Of Winter     
8     Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay     
9     Slaughterday     
10     Dead     
11     Destined To Fester     
12     Dark Crusade     
13     Mental Funeral     
14     Keeper Of Decay     
15     Dead Hole     
16     Funereality (Vol. 4 Version)     
17     Blackness Within     
18     Death Twitch     
19     Skullptures     
20     Pus/Rot     
21     Voices     
22     Deathmask     
23     The Birthing     
24     An End to the Misery     
25     Burnt to a Fuck     
26     Bowel Ripper     

    Disc 3
1     Feast Of The Graveworm     
2     Seven Skulls     
3     Macabre Eternal     
4     Seeds Of The Doomed     
5     Bridge Of Bones     
6     Sadistic Gratification     
7     All Tomorrow's Funerals     
8     Slaughter At Beast House     
9     She Is A Funeral     
10     Arch Cadaver     
11     Flesh Turns To Dust     
12     Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves     
13     Parasitic Eye     
14     Burial     
15     Autopsy     

    Disc 4
1     Intro/Charred Remains/Severed Survival     
2     Dead     
3     Pagan Savior     
4     Seeds of the Doomed     
5     Slaughterday     
6     Voices     
7     Arch Cadaver     
8     Critical Madness     
9     Gasping For Air     
10     Mangled Far Below     
11     Ridden With Disease     
12     Severed Survival     
13     Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay     
14     Meat     
15     Your Rotting Face     
16     An Act Of The Unspeakable     
17     Spinal Extractions     
18     Battery Acid Enema     
19     Lobotomized     
20     Walls of the Coffin


[url autourl=1496128887 nofollow=1]https://rapidu.net/5912853158/Autopsy-2015-After-The-Cutting-Compilation-.part1.rar[/url autourl=1496128887 nofollow=1]
[url autourl=1496128887 nofollow=1]https://rapidu.net/5912853909/Autopsy-2015-After-The-Cutting-Compilation-.part2.rar[/url autourl=1496128887 nofollow=1]
[url autourl=1496128887 nofollow=1]https://rapidu.net/2812853910/Autopsy-2015-After-The-Cutting-Compilation-.part3.rar[/url autourl=1496128887 nofollow=1]

[url autourl=1496128887 nofollow=1]http://filespace.com/thzmndf54emg[/url autourl=1496128887 nofollow=1]
[url autourl=1496128887 nofollow=1]http://filespace.com/7nkjr3zapwma[/url autourl=1496128887 nofollow=1]
[url autourl=1496128887 nofollow=1]http://filespace.com/w4vyc60vdti4[/url autourl=1496128887 nofollow=1]

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