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Artillery - Through The Years (Boxset Set) (2007)
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Mensaje Artillery - Through The Years (Boxset Set) (2007) 
[CENTER][SIZE=4][COLOR="#00FF00"]Artillery - Through The Years   (Boxset set) [/COLOR][/SIZE]


Year: 2007
Сountry: Denmark
Genre: Thrash Metal
Lyrical themes: Society, Death, Life
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Size: 646 MB


Disc One: Fear of Tomorrow

    "Time Has Come"
    "The Almighty"
    "Show Your Hate"
    "King, Thy Name Is Slayer"
    "Out of the Sky"
    "Into the Universe"
    "The Eternal War"
    "Fear of Tomorrow"
    "Deeds of Darkness"

Bonus tracks:

    "Out of the Sky" (with Flemming Rönsdorf)
    "Deeds of Darkness" (with Carsten Lohmann)
    "Fear of Tomorrow" (with Flemming Rönsdorf)
    "Hey Woman" (with Carsten Lohmann)
    "Time Has Come" (with Carsten Lohmann)
    "Mind of No Return" (with Per Onink)
    "Bitch" (with Carsten Lohmann)

Disc Two: Terror Squad

    "In the Trash"
    "Terror Squad
    "Let There Be Sin
    "Hunger and Greed
    "At War With Science
    "Decapitations of Deviants

Bonus tracks:

    "The Challenge" (bonus demo)
    "In the Trash" (bonus demo)
    "Therapy" (bonus demo)
    "Let There Be Sin" (bonus demo)
    "All for You" (with Per Onink)
    "We Are the Dead" (with Per Onink)
    "Too Late to Regret" (with Carsten Lohmann)
    "Deserter" (with Carsten Lohmann)

Disc Three: By Inheritance

    "7:00 From Tashkent"
    "Beneath the Clay (R.I.P.)"
    "By Inheritance"
    "Don't Believe"
    "Life In Bondage"
    "Equal At First"
    "Razamanaz" (Nazareth cover)
    "Back in the Trash"

Bonus tracks:

    "Khomaniac" (with Flemming Rönsdorf; mistitled as "Too Late To Regret", same version as on Terror Squad; now available on the Artillery website[2])
    "Don't Believe" (with Flemming Rönsdorf)
    "Hey Woman" (with Flemming Rönsdorf)
    "All for You" (with Carsten Lohmann)
    "Blessed Are the Strong" (with Carsten Lohmann)
    "Day of Doom" (with Per Onink)

Disc Four: B.A.C.K.

    "How Do You Feel"
    "Out of the Trash"
    "Final Show"
    "Violent Breed"
    "Theatrical Exposure"
    "The Cure"

Bonus tracks:


[url autourl=1493380969 nofollow=1]https://rapidu.net/0812051716/Artillery-2007-Through-The-Years-Boxset-set-.part2.rar[/url autourl=1493380969 nofollow=1]

[url autourl=1493380969 nofollow=1]http://storbit.net/file/UBA2CXD971IS/Artillery-2007-Through-The-Years-Boxset-set-.part1.rar[/url autourl=1493380969 nofollow=1]
[url autourl=1493380969 nofollow=1]http://storbit.net/file/KV7R42EDWF0Y/Artillery-2007-Through-The-Years-Boxset-set-.part2.rar[/url autourl=1493380969 nofollow=1][/CENTER]

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