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AOR - L.A Connection (2014)
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[align=center][color=#FF00FF] [b] AOR - L.A Connection (2014) [/b] [/color]





[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2014
[b]Style[/b] : Melodic Rock , AOR
[b]Country[/b] : United States , France , International
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + front
[b]Size[/b] : 127 mb[/color]


AOR was formed in 2000 by guitarist/ keyboardist Frédéric Slama always using the cream of U.S & European session players. In 2000, the first album « L.A Concession » was released and gave Frédéric a big respect in the Westcoast / AOR music scene. The second album « Next Stop L.A » followed one year later and again featured the help of several top session players. It was in 2002 that Frédéric took AOR to a new dimension with the critically acclaimed third album « L.A Reflection » featuring all the big names in the music industry including all Toto members,Tommy Denander, Göran Edman, Michael Landau, Vinnie Colaiuta, Michael Ruff, Bruce Gaitsch, and lots of other top L.A. artists. The album became a huge success and was co-produced by AOR legend Tommy Denander.In 2003, Frédéric Slama was back with " Dreaming Of L.A" featuring Bill Champlin (Chicago), Steve Overland (FM), Steve Lukather (Toto), Michael Landau, Bruce Gaitch, Brandon Fields among many others and two Westcoast legends David Roberts & Dane Donohue ! In 2004, Frédéric released « Nothing But The Best », an album featuring the best songs from his previous efforts, fully remastered by Tommy Denander plus 3 brand new unreleased tracks featuring Fergie Frederiksen (Toto) and Dane Donohue on lead vocals.In 2006 AOR released a new Cd called « L.A. Attraction » once again featuring the talents of many great Melodic Rock stars including Philip Bardowell, Steve Lukather or Tommy Denander among others. The same year Frédéric re-released officialy his 1st album « L.A Concession » (only available on Cdr at the time) fully remastered with 4 bonus tracks and a list of impressive guests again.In 2009, the magic trio was back : Frédéric Slama,Tommy Denander & Philip Bardowell teamed up again for a new album called « Journey To L.A », taking AOR music to a new level of perfection. In 2010 to celebrate AOR’s 10th Anniversary, Frédéric Slama released a double limited edition Cd entitled “LA Ambition ».In 2012, AOR released the most anticipated album of the year called The Colors Of L.A », featuring a never seen cast of Aor talents in a single album such as Tommy Denander, Philip Bardowell, Jerry Hludzik (Dakota), Joe Pasquale, Steve Newman, Bill Champlin, Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, David Foster, Randy Goodrum and many more. Also in 2012 the 2 remastered classics AOR albums « L.A Reflection » & « Dreaming Of L.A » (including 10 bonus tracks) were re-released.Now in 2013 Frédéric Slama’ s AOR project is back for round number 12 with an even greater album called « The Secrets Of L.A », featuring an impressive list of guests such as Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper), Fergie Frederiksen (Toto), Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman), Bill Champlin (Chicago), Jim Jidhed & Ken Sandin (Alien), Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream), Bob Harris (Axe), Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteem), Robin Beck, Tamara Champlin, Dane Donohue, Alessandro Del Vecchio (Lionville, Hardline) & many more. For this new AOR album, the sound is much heavier than ever before, far away from the Westcoast style of the 6 first AOR cd's. Fans of Survivor, Journey, Giant & Foreigner won’t be disappointed by fantastic melodies, incredible vocals & fabulous guitar solos. The first class production by Frédéric Slama & Tommy Denander will blow you away. « The Secrets Of L.A » is by far AOR’s finest release so far.


Frederic Slama has continued to inspire us through the years with his " LA " themed releases. Ranging from soft rock to west coast to harder, edgier tunes Frederic has always brought quality music to the table. Now in 2014 Frédéric Slama' s AOR project is back with lucky number 13, with an impressive new album called " L.A Connection ", featuring a fantastic list of guests such as Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper), Bill Champlin (Chicago), Paul Sabu (Only Child, Kidd Glove), Jeff Paris, Sherwood Ball (Jay Graydon), David Forbes (Boulevard), Rick Riso, Philip Bardowell (Places Of Power, Unruly Child), Bob Harris (Axe), Tamara Champlin & many others. For this 13th album, AOR is flirting with heavier territories with songs reminiscent of Foreigner, Giant, Journey & Toto.The first class production by Frédéric Slama & Tommy Denander will leave you breathless and the legendary singers of "L.A Connection " will surely take Melodic Rock to new heights ! So it's time for the "L.A Connection" ! This is AOR's best outing to date and worthy of your attention, like a great red wine AOR just improves as each year passes.

[color=#FF0000]Line Up:[/color]

Frédéric Slama (guitar, keyboards)
Tommy Denander (all instruments)
Bill Champlin (vocals)
Paul Sabu (vocals)
Jeff Paris (vocals)
Sherwood Ball (vocals)
David Forbes (vocals)
Philip Bardowell (vocals)
Bob Harris (vocals)
Rick Riso (vocals)
Tamara Champlin (vocals)
Pete Newdeck (backing vocals
Colin Rodgers (guitar, bass)
Pat Thern (drums)


1. On The Edge Of Glory
2. The Pride Of Strangers
3. Closer To Zero
4. Once Off Guard
5. Lost Souls Don't Cry
6. Exiled In Sadness
7. Age Of Desire
8. Circle Of Danger
9. The Crystal Heart

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