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Anthem - Absolute World (2014)
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Mensaje Anthem - Absolute World (2014) 
[align=center][color=#FF00FF] [b] Anthem - Absolute World (2014) [/b] [/color]






[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2014
[b]Style[/b] : Heavy Metal
[b]Country[/b] : Japan
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + front + Video
[b]Size[/b] : 152 mb[/color]


Anthem (アンセム Ansemu?) is a Japanese heavy metal band that was formed during the early 1980s in Tokyo. They are among the handful of heavy metal bands founded in Japan during that time and are considered to be one of the most successful and influential, alongside Sex Machineguns, Loudness and Earthshaker.Anthem was founded in Tokyo during 1980 as a quartet, composed of singer Toshihito Maeda, guitarist Akifumi Koyanagi, bass player Naoto Shibata (also known as "Ski") and drummer Takamasa Ohuchi. Koyanagi left in late 1983 to be replaced by Hiroya Fukada. In December 1984, vocalist Toshihito Maeda also left and Anthem drafted Eizo Sakamoto for their debut eponymous album, issued in July 1985 by Nexus and licensed to Europe via Roadrunner Records.Their first studio release featured classic songs like "Wild Anthem" and "Warning Action". Their first EP single in 1986, entitled "Xanadu", was the first known song to be used for promotion of a video game, namely Nihon Falcom's computer RPG "Dragon Slayer II: Xanadu". The next release, Tightrope showcased a more catchy, melodic sound with an improved vocal performance by Sakamoto. Bound to Break was to be the last album featuring Eizo Sakamoto for nearly two decades, and was by far his most impressive vocal performance to that point. The album was full of classics ("Empty Eyes", "Bound to Break", "Soldiers") and introduced the band's long-time world-famous producer, Chris Tsangarides (perhaps best known for producing Judas Priest's classic 1990 album, Painkiller). With the departure of Sakamoto in 1988, Shibata recruited Yukio Morikawa to the band's vocal position. With Morikawa came the album Gypsy Ways, considered the band's most popular album. Morikawa's voice made the band a great success at that time and he was similar in style, vocal range and ability to Graham Bonnet. In 1989, the album Hunting Time was released and the song "The Juggler" was used as a PV. In the beginning of 90s, Anthem dealt with another departure, this time Hiroya Fukuda (guitar) left and was replaced by Hideaki 'Shadow Walker' Nakama which recorded the album No Smoke Without Fire, this time without the band's staple producer / engineer Chris Tsangarides. Hideaki Nakama left the band after recording just that one album and the search for a new guitarist began.As of 2012, Anthem has signed with record label Universal Music and has released a new single "Evil One" in September 2012 and following with an album, Burning Oath, that was released in October 2012.The current line-up has currently guest drummer Isamu Tamaru due to Hirotsugu Homma's left knee injury from a car accident in late 2008, but the latter hasn't left the band's formation, still performing on most songs.On Jan 10, 2013, the band announced it was on hiatus after Shibata was diagnosed with stomach cancer.[2] After the revovery of Shibata the band played a couple of return shows in July 2013 with the Live Circus Tour following in September and October 2013.In February 2014 singer Eizo Sakamoto left the band for a second time and was replaced by former singer Yukio Morikawa. The group also announced drummer Isamu Tamaru as a permanent member. Production of a new album will start in the spring. A kick off tour with the new line-up was also determined: 7/19 Nagoya, 7/26 Osaka, 8/2 Kawasaki.


Naoto Shibata    Bass (1981-1992, 2000-present) - See also: ex-Loudness
Yukio Morikawa    Vocals (1988-1992, 2014-present) - See also: ex-Hollywood, ex-Sonic Squad, ex-Goldbrick, ex-Powernude
Akio Shimizu    Guitars (1991-1992, 2000-present) - See also: ex-Eraserhead, ex-Hollywood, ex-Sonic Squad, ex-Shy Blue
Isamu Tamaru    Drums (2013-present) - See also: Yasha


1.    Shine On        
2.    Pain        
3.    Stranger        
4.    Don't Let It Die        
5.    Love of Hell        
6.    Run with the Flush        
7.    Sailing        
8.    Absolute Figure          instrumental
9.    Destroy the Boredom        
10.    In the Chaos        
11.    Edge of Time

+ Video "Shine On" (Official Video)

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Mensaje Re: Anthem - Absolute World (2014) 
[align=center][size=24][color=red]Anthem - Absolute World (2014)[/color][/size]

[b][color=orange]COUNTRY:.................. Japan
TYPE OF ALBUM:... Full Length
GENRE:......... Heavy/Power Metal
FILESIZE:................... 118,70 Mb
FORMAT:..... MP3@CBR320kbps[/color]

[color=green]01. Shine On[/color] [color=red]««««[/color]
[color=green]02. Pain
03. Stranger
04. Don't Let It Die
05. Love of Hell
06. Run with the Flush
07. Sailing
08. Absolute Figure
09. Destroy the Boredom
10. In the Chaos
11. Edge of Time[/color][/b]

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Mensaje Re: Anthem - Absolute World (2014) 

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