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Anima Mundi - The Lamplighter (2013)
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Symphonic Progressive Rock


The Cuban symphonic prog rock band Anima Mundi came to life in the spring of 1996 due to the union of five friends who studied together to major as teachers of music. The band recorded three demos during these years: “Eterno Cauce” (1997), “Tierra Invisible” (1998) and “Más Allá” (1999). Anima Mundi quickly became an essential name among the alternative Cuban scene after offering the first live shows and appearing on specialized radio broadcastings and by means of a nonstop working, they didn’t take long to become the main progressive rock national band for the surprise and delight of many.

Due to the success achieved in national soil, Anima Mundi began planning its first album in 1999. Two guest musicians showed up when the band was composing the songs for the new record. Both of them played the Galician bagpipes, the Celtic flute and the Tin Whistle. This period was characterized by particularities in the band sonority, very different to what they had been doing, and this new shift continued, later on, as a neo prog symphonic rock with Celtic hints found in the album “Septentrión”, 2001.
In July 2002, Mellow Records from Italy released “Septentrión”. During this year, Anima Mundi had the chance of playing all along the island and giving large and important concerts that increased the band audience to thousands of fans.

In August 2002, Anima Mundi began recording its second album “Jagannath Orbit” which turns the band to its initial sound. Hard years approached marked by difficulties in the album production and leaving of some musicians. Those years were characterized by constant changes in the band line up because of the problem in finding skillful musicians who were prepared to face this music genre. Anima Mundi spent all that time looking for a way to make its album productions totally independent, and participated in few concerts and some national rock festivals, supported by guest musicians on the drums and bass.

After years of work, the band finished the production of its second album, “Jagannath Orbit”, coincident to the arriving and joining of new musicians, in 2007. The album was released in October 2008 by the French label Musea Records. From this moment on, the new recording started being distributed in Europe and the rest of the world. “Jagannath Orbit” had remarkable critics globally. This released marked a favorable turn for the band.This same year 2008, Anima Mundi back to the studios for producing its third album called “The Way”. It was released in October 2010 by Musea Record. This album has been the most Anima Mundi successful releasing so far. Well acclaimed world wide “The Way” brings Anima Mundi to the first places of progressive top list 2010.Is not a secret that Anima Mundi has walked step by step the way to successfully introducing itself among the varied and abundant present day progressive rock scene worldwide. The present line up is shaped by José Manuel Govín on drums, Yarosky Corredera on bass, Carlos Sosa on vocals and the historical leaders and founders Virginia Peraza on keyboards and Roberto Díaz on guitars and vocals.

[color=#FF0000]Line Up:[/color]

Roberto Díaz (guitar, backing vocals), Virginia Peraza (keyboards, backing vocals), Ariel Valdés (drums, percussion, 1996-2002), Abel González (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, 1996-99), Gustavo Comptis (bass, vocals, 1996-99), Rolando Vigoa (guitar, vocals, 1996), Anaisy Gómez (bagpipes, tin whistle, recorder, clarinet, 1999-2005), Regis Rodríguez (bagpipes, tin whistle, recorder, 1999-2001), Ariel Angel (bass, 2000-02), Andremil Oropeza (vocals, 2001), Osvaldo Vieites (drums, 2004-05), Yaroski Corredera (bass, 2006-present), Carlos Sosa (vocals, 2006-present), José Manuel Govín (drums, 2006-present)


1997    Eterno Cauce    
2002    Septentrión
2008    Jagannath Orbit
2010    The Way
2012    Live in Europe    
2013    The Lamplighter

[color=#FF00FF] [b] Anima Mundi - The Lamplighter (2013)[/b] [/color]




[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2013
[b]Style[/b] : Symphonic Progressive Rock
[b]Country[/b] : Cuba
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + all scans
[b]Size[/b] : 164 mb[/color]


Suite The Lamplighter:

01. On Earth beneath the stars (4.24)
02. The call and farewell song (6.20)
03. Light the lantern of your heart (6.09)
04. The human house (3.57)
Suite Tales from Endless Star:
05. The dream child behind the mask (9.05)
06. The return - Part I (3.29)
07. Endless star (10.38)
08. The return - Part II (3.24)


09. His Majesty Love (6.58)

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