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Anal Cunt - I Like When You Die Seth Putman (tributo)
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Mensaje Anal Cunt - I Like When You Die Seth Putman (tributo) 

A Like When You Die Seth Putman
A Tribute To Seth Putman

01 Slow Song From Split 7"
02 Newest HC songs 4 and 3
03 Some More Songs
04 Pepe The Gay Waiter
05 Even More Songs
06 Dont call Japanese hardcore Japcore
07 Flower shop guy
08 Theme from the A-Team
09 Staying alive (Oi! version)
10 Escape (The piña colada song)
11 I'm still standing
12 Art fag
13 Laughing While Leonard Peltier Gets Raped In Prison
14 I Paid Jim Howell To Rape You
15 Women Nature's Punching Bag
16 You Look Divorced
17 You're A Fucking Cunt
18 The Only Reason Men Talk To You Is Because They Want To Get Laid You Stupid Fucking Cunt
19 Everyone In Allston Should Be Killed
20 Into The Oven
21 I Sold Your Dog To A Chinese Restaurant
22 Unbelievable
23 I Just Saw The Gayest Guy On Earth
24 You're Gay
25 O'briens Is Gay
26 Body By Auschwitz
27 I'm Hitler
28 I Paid J Howell To Rape You
29 All Our Fans Are Gay
30 I Went Back In Time And Voted For Hitler
31 Hitler Was A Sensitive Man
32 Beating Up Niggers Who Sell Fake Crack
33 One Man Ghetto
34 Scary Pumpkin
35 I Sent A Thank You Card To The Guy Who Raped You
36 Cop Calling Faggot
37 311 Sucks
38 Jumping on Seths Broken leg
39 I wanna suck Madonnas tits
40 Seths vocals
41 Chemical Warfare
42 Eye Of The Penis
43 Return Of The Necrowizard
44 Grim And Frostbitten Gay Bar
45 Grim And Frostbitten Moongoats Of The North
46 Masturbating On The Unholy And Inverted Tracks Of The Grim And Frostbitten Necrobobsledders
47 Lustfully Worshiping The Inverted Moongoat While Skiing Down The Inverted Necromountain Of Necrodeathmortem
48 Gazing At The Blasphemous Moon While Perched Atop A Very Very Very Very Very Very Very Forsaken Slope Of The Northern Mountain
49 Nocturnal Cauldrons Aflame Amidst The Northern Hellwitch's Perpetual Blasphemy
50 Transfixing The Forbidden Blasphemous Incantation Of The Conjering Wintergoat

1-12 Live @WNYU New York July 10,1995
13-25 Live @Briens Pub Allston
26-37 Live @Everrett
38-40 Taken From Screaming Gore Guts - We Are Fucking God (Demo) 1985
41-50 Bonus Track


Un pequeño tributo que le he hecho a uno de los musicos mas grandes que ha existido en esta tierra y que poco le han reconocido
Covers incluidos hechos por mi
Enjoy You Fucking Cunt!!!!

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Mensaje Re: Anal Cunt - I Like When You Die Seth Putman (tributo) 

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