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Aesthesia - Shattered Idols (2010)
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Mensaje Aesthesia - Shattered Idols (2010) 
01. Greed Machine
02. Lyna Red
03. Under 16
04. District Of Swine
05. Hometown
06. Hoodoo Queen
07. Gone
08. Tales Of Underground
09. Mary Green
10. Rattlesnake Preacher
11. Daydream

Hard Rock


Nico Marlyn - lead/backing vocals and percussion
Julien Gatter - lead/rhythm guitar and backing vocals
Jetblack - lead/rhythm guitar and backing vocals
Johnny Lips - bass and backing vocals
Mike Marcia - drums

Additional Musicians:
Thomas Silver - lead guitar (3)
Thomas 'Captain Rock' Ferrandon - rhythm guitar (8)
Kenny Hakansson - bass (8)
Guyom Pavesi - additional backing vocals (3)
Eleneore Coralie - additional backing vocals (5)
Arno Bordas - additional backing vocals (9)

Have you ever wondered what Guns N' Roses would have sounded like if they didn't become pompous, self-indulgent and, in the case of Axl Rose, bat-shit crazy? Well, your questions may be answered with Paris, France's Aesthesia who have a Guns N' Roses vibe, a handful of killer tracks and a nasty attitude.
  With their second full-length album, Shattered Idols, Aesthesia have re-created the dirty sounds that made the late '80s hard rock scene so damn good. The first four tracks on this new platter are some of the finest sleaze songs you will hear all year. "Greed Machine" completely rocks and singer Nico Maryln immediately shows off his slightly less annoying Axl Rose whine -- which is particularly noticeable on his higher register. "Lyna Red" is a moody little number with some stuttering guitar riffs, but it barely prepares you for the killer "Under 16". This isn't Winger's "Seventeen" -- in fact this lesson in sleaze would make the girl from that song seem blessed, because this is one dirty and naughty rock song with guitar lines dropping out of the sky like blasts of lightning thanks in part to former Hardcore Superstar guitarist Thomas Silver. And wrapping up this four song assault is "District Of Swine" -- the title pretty much speaks for itself, but the chorus really drives this one home.
  From there Aesthesia begins to falter a little bit with the mellower "Hometown", the never-ending "Gone" and the punk infused "Tales Of Underground". Just when you begin to wonder if the beginning of this CD was a fluke the band roars back with "Rattlesnake Preacher" and ends things with a commendable ballad called "Daydream".
  Shattered Idols as a whole isn't perfect but the first four songs alone make this one a must have. I can't seem to stop playing "Under 16" in particular and keep thinking Axl Rose should crank this CD, take a long look in the mirror, and ask himself how he lost his way.

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Mensaje Re: Aesthesia - Shattered Idols (2010) 
Thanks !!!         

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