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21 Octayne - Into The Open (Limited Edition) (2014)
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Mensaje 21 Octayne - Into The Open (Limited Edition) (2014) 
[align=center][color=#FF00FF] [b]  21 Octayne - Into The Open (2014) [/b] [/color]






[color=#FF00FF][b]Year[/b] : 2014
[b]Style[/b] : Hard Rock , Heavy Metal
[b]Country[/b] : Germany
[b]Audio[/b] : 320 kbps + scans
[b]Size[/b] : 130 mb[/color]


21 OCTAYNE is a new band featuring well-known musicians Hagen Grohe (The Joe Perry Project), Marco Wriedt (Axxis) , Andrew “The Bullet” Lauer ( PAUL GILBERT) and Alex Landenburg (Rhapsody) . After gaining extensive experience in the music business including recording albums and touring worldwide, the time felt right for them to form a new band that embraced their individual styles. From catchy pop/rock songs and ballads to heavy rock: 21 OCTAYNE is a true representation of musical diversity.Marco Wriedt: "I met Alex Landenburg for the first time in the summer of 2008 when we were looking for a new drummer for my hard rock band ‘Axxis’. I went into the rehearsal room where Alex was setting up his drums for the audition. Immediately there was this amazing chemistry between us. We liked the same bands and shared the same musical vision. So even when it wasn´t clear if Alex would join me in ‘Axxis’, he sent me a message saying that we had to form a band someday, no matter what." Alex: "I´ve known Andrew for quite some time and he was my first choice when thinking about the bass player for 21 OCTAYNE."In August 2010, the three musicians met for a first jam session in southern Germany – only to realize there was the perfect magic in the room that made everyone want to continue.Andrew: "We just thought ‘let´s see what happens’ and we jammed for hours and hours. We really enjoyed ourselves. It felt like a family that has known each other for over thirty years."Marco: "Right from the start, I knew that we had something and the ideas the individual members came up with were quite different from each other. That appealed to me a lot because I like to have an open mind.”Having got the instruments covered, they started looking for a suitable singer for their vision. Bassist Andrew came up with the perfect solution: Joe Perry vocalist Hagen Grohe.Andrew: "He popped into my head all of a sudden. I called him and he was interested – so he came over and we played some cover songs and jammed on the song ideas we had already come up with. After just an hour I knew that we had found the missing link!"Hagen: "We have so many goals with this band and we can´t wait to perform our songs live in front of a large and diverse audience. Since we are not limited to only one musical genre, I´m confident we will be able to reach the eyes and ears of many people."For the band it is essential to create something fresh, to overcome boundaries and to build something that musically transitions the listeners into the new decade, far away from clichés or constraints. And only those who listen closely will discover the foundations that 21 OCTAYNE have built on….


Geiler rock , authentic, classic, with modern sprinkling , plenty of power and melody that is 21 OCTAYNE !A new name , a new formation , but not unknown : behind 21 OCTAYNE stuck singer Hagen Grohe ( The Joe Perry Project) , Marco Wriedt ( Axxis ), Andrew "The Bullet " Lauer ( Paul Gilbert ) and drummer Alex Landsburg ( Rhapsody ) . Here is a real band came together , which took two years to create a debut album that is sure to attract attention . Already the 2013 self-released single "The Heart (Save Me) " made it without big promotion to No. 1 on the Amazon Hard-Rock/Metal MP3 charts , and even appeared in the U.S. iTunes charts !This popularity owes 21 OCTAYNE equal to several factors: With Hagen Grohe it has achieved a first class front man who gives the American colored rock sound international format . Already guitar icon Joe Perry ( Aerosmith ) felt so excited that Grohe unceremoniously became the frontman Perry's solo band and excelled both in recordings and in numerous live shows on the basis of this huge talent. And guitarist Marco Wriedt ( Axxis ) , bassist Andrew " The Bullet" Lauer ( Paul Gilbert ) and drummer Alex Landsburg ( Rhapsody ) have earned in their previous musical career as a songwriter and instrumentalist many fans. This asked incessantly for the new band , therefore invited 21 OCTAYNE for over a year and over again fans and media representatives to intimate listening sessions , where the initially as a small demonstration planned by certain songs events to happenings with a good 40 people ( and small acoustic shows the band) auswuchsen . And the initial plan to hold only 1-2 sessions in Germany had to be fallen out quickly due to high demand . Meanwhile, 21 OCTAYNE Listening Sessions have held in London , Paris, Hollywood , Barcelona , Munich, Dusseldorf and many other German cities.What makes a real band yet ? Exactly: play ! Some gigs with Pink Cream 69 and Ohrenfeindt are completed , the Frankfurt Musikmesse this year comes in the enjoyment of 21octayne live and even large festivals are in negotiations or already confirmed (eg Rock Harz ) . 2014 is not a lover first class rock music to this band over!


Hagen Grohe (The Joe Perry Project) - Vocals
Marco Wriedt (Axxis) - Guitar
Alex Landenburg (Rhapsody) - Drums
Andrew „The Bullet“ Lauer (Paul Gilbert) - Bass


01. She's Killing Me
02. Dear Friend
03. Turn the World
04. Don't Turn Away
05. My Teddy Bear
06. Into the Open
07. Me Myself and I
08. The Heart (Save Me)
09. Your Life
10. I Will Always Be Right There
11. Leave My Head
12. Come Alive

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